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When Should I Replace My Gas Cooktop

When Should I Replace My Gas Cooktop

A cooktop is probably the most used kitchen appliance, but how do you know the perfect time to change it? Here are some signs to look out for. You should consider cooktops repair first, but if you notice these signs, it indicates that your gas cooktop needs replacement.

Check The Burners

The burners are definitely the first thing you need to see if your cooktop is old and you are looking for any sign that it needs replacing. The burner will usually not work as properly or it won’t turn on at all. Sometimes, the gas flame might also let you know that the burner is not working properly.

If you see the color of the flame changing more and more frequently, from yellowish-orange to blue, then it means that something isn’t right and you need to change the cooktop or, at least, have it checked. If you have an electric cooktop, you can investigate the plate which heats up. If it’s not working properly or isn’t heating up, then it needs replacement.

Facing Trouble When Turning It On

Another thing that might be a clear sign that your cooktop is not working properly and you need to change it is if you’re having trouble turning it on. If the flame doesn’t light up, in the case of a gas cooktop, or the plate doesn’t illuminate or takes a long time, in the case of an electric cooktop, then there is something seriously wrong with the appliance.

There’s Gas Leakage

This is not only an identifying sign but also a huge hazard and such cooktops shouldn’t be used. If you are noticing a gas-like smell coming from the cooktop, or there is a light hissing noise coming from somewhere inside the cooktop, then there is some sort of gas leakage, and it’s causing the cooktop to not perform efficiently. This is also quite dangerous, because it is a fire hazard, through and through.

You shouldn’t expose a naked flame to this gas leak, otherwise, the chances of a fire erupting can be extremely high. This is not an issue with electric cooktops, but if you have a gas cooktop, then you need to look out for this sign.

There’s Rust

Burners can get old over time. They can corrode and collect rust and this is a clear sign that your cooktop is approaching its final limits. You can easily inspect the burners and even the place surrounding the burner and look for any deposits of rust or gunk. This is going to adversely affect the performance of your cooktop and it’s better that you clean the stove top burners first.

If the issue still persists, after cleaning the burner then it’s probably a lost case and you will need to replace the cooktop soon.

Faulty Control Panel/Knobs

This can be an issue with both electric and gas cooktops. If the knobs of the gas cooktop are not working properly, they feel loose and the functioning is just not right, then it’s better to have the knobs checked first. If there is something that can be salvaged from this situation, then it’s good, otherwise, it mostly means that the cooktop needs to be changed.

The same goes for electric cooktops, where the control panel is damaged and doesn’t work properly anymore, to the point where you can’t even control the heat.

Physical Damage

Last but not least, if your cooktop has cracks and corrosion all over it, then it is high time that you replace it already. If there is physical damage to the cooktop, like cracked stations and shattered control panel or surface, in case of a glass electric cooktop, then it’s better to get it replaced, than to stretch it out to nothing.

It will not perform well and in the near future, you will need to replace it, so why not now? This type of damage to cooktops isn’t usually reversible.


There you have it! Now that you know the telltale signs of your cooktop reaching its limit, you can change it for a new one. Since it is a very useful appliance, you want to make sure that it is always in top condition by getting it repaired by appliance repair Springfield services should a problem arise.

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