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Flagstone Vs Concrete Patio – How To Choose Between Them

Flagstone Vs Concrete Patio – How To Choose Between Them

Everyone needs a great looking patio in their property, but very few people actually know how to get a good patio built from backyard patio builders. There are so many different material choices these days that narrowing down to one final material is very difficult.

Every patio material has its own pros and cons. In this article, we’ll compare flagstone and concrete patios to make your decision a bit easier.

Flagstone Patio

Flagstone isn’t the actual name of any stone type. In fact, it is a thick layer of different types of stones layered together to make a flat, good looking patio. While there can be numberless combinations that you can choose from, you’ll have to settle for the design options available locally under your budget.

Just to mention them, some types are sandstone, limestone, slate, granite, quartzite. For a slightly higher budget, you can pay for the shipping of any type of flagstone that you need from around the globe. You can also discover different options from within different regions of your country.

The Perks of Flagstone Patios

One great benefit of flagstone on other materials is that it can be easily molded into any shape, or you can also let it sit in its natural shape. So, the best benefit is its versatility in designing options. Also, since flagstone gets its colors from the rocks used in it’s making, you can alter the colors by changing the types of rocks used.

The natural color variations in the stones used to make flagstone patio is also a huge perk. The natural color shift can make your patio unique and different from all the other flagstone patios. You can decide freely on the color of flagstone used in your patio. You can either use one color, or multiple ones depending on your personal interests.

Another pro of building a flagstone patio is that the stone is slip resistant even when it’s wet. Large pieces of flagstone can’t be split by exposure to high temperatures in the summer. This can keep your patio looking great for years, even decades.


A sand and gravel bed needs to be prepared to lay down the flagstone, and this can be a bit challenging and a time-consuming process. Also, due to the varying sizes of flagstones, only a skilled masonry contractor can achieve a perfectly smooth surface.

Since flagstone is composed of natural rocks, it is bound to have imperfections and color variations no matter how hard you try to keep the color uniform.

Concrete Patio

Concrete is a fully man-made material, and that is what makes it versatile. You can mold the concrete easily into any shape, and give it any desirable color. You can make a concrete patio in one big pour, with joints at certain points to prevent the cracking of concrete. Additionally, you can also stamp the concrete easily to make it look like natural stones.

The installation of concrete patio is relatively easier as compared to the flagstone patios. The concrete patios are easy to perfect, and you can take them as a DIY project.

Benefits of Concrete Patios

The main benefits of using concrete in patios is that you’ll have full control over its color and texture. As mentioned above, you can stamp the concrete to mimic the texture of any other material. For example; concrete structures can be stamped to make them look like wood, natural stone and a number of other materials.

Concrete patios never let the weed grow inside it, which is a big problem with stone-based patios. You can also apply a sealant on the concrete layer to make it resist dust, dirt and a host of other materials just like a stone.


One major issue that is usually reported with concrete patios is that they can crack on application of stress. This problem can be resolved with the introduction of a suitable amount of expansion joints.

You can make the surface of your concrete patio really smooth by grinding it, but it’ll start getting slippery as you make it smoother.

Also, you can’t change the design of a concrete patio easily. While, on the other hand, flagstone can be easily removed to change the path or design of your patio.

Now that you know the pros and cons of both patio materials, you can contact a patio contractor and get started with the project. Lagras

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