8 Amazing Styling Tips For Thin Hair

8 Amazing Styling Tips For Thin Hair

Thin hair and heavy products don’t go hand in hand. Too much of it can make your hair look dull and limp. Here are some tips that many hair extension salons use to style your thin hair.

Hair styling tips from experts

  1. Choosing Hair Products Carefully

Volumizing your hair is mostly dependent on the types of product you are using. Too much product or too little product can have a negative impact on your thin hair. This can be overcome by using lightweight products such as shampoo and conditioner on your hair. Make sure the product has moisturizers and don’t apply any of them directly on your scalp.

  1. Having a Good Haircut

Before you decide to get hair extensions in salon, you need to get a good haircut. Hair extension salons can help you get a proper haircut if you discuss it with the hair dresser. Haircuts for thin hair can be of different lengths and with different techniques. Short hair that are above shoulders or longer hair cut with different techniques like layer cutting or curls. Visit a hair extension salon and discuss with your hair dresser about the type of your hair and what type of hair cut will suit you.

  1. Get a Dark Hair Color

Thin hair looks particularly thin if you have light hair color. if you are a blonde and you have thin hair, chances are that your hair looks thinner than they actually are. When you consider getting hair extension in salon, consider getting a dark dye for your hair as well. Darker hair will make your hair look thicker. Considering balayage or shades also creates an illusion of thicker hair.

  1. Using Blow Drying for Straightening

While straightening your hair, use a blow dryer rather than an iron rod straightener as straightener causes much more damage than a blow dryer does. Use a round roller brush and slide it along with blow dryer on low heat, it would give your hair much volume and less damage. But don’t let your hair blow dried for more than 6 hours as it would start causing more damage if you exceed the limit.

  1. Use Hair Spray or Hair Gels

It is no doubt difficult to give thin hair your desired style. But if you use hair gels while styling your hair then you might be able to get your desired style stay like that throughout the event or you can also use hair setting sprays which makes your hair stiff and does not allow them to change the style they have been given and also adds volume to your hair.

  1. Style Your Hair Upside Down

Styling your hair upside down rather than their normal position is the best way to create instant volume in your thin and fine hair. Turn your hair upside down and use a roller brush if you want to curl or blow dry them, or you can also use normal brush if you want to straighten your hair. Whatever style you choose for yourself, if you do it with the upside down method would create great voluminous look in your hair that you wouldn’t want to take your eyes off them.

  1. Start Styling with Your Roots

Make sure you dry almost 90% of your hair after a shower with your hands before starting to style up them especially when you are about to use a round brush. Start styling by lifting up the roots of your hair with the help of a brush or a comb. Also, whatever products you use to keep your hairstyle in place either it be a hair gel or a hair spray, apply it at the roots of your hair first as this would provide your hair a great voluminous and an enthralling look.

  1. Use Silicon-Free Products

Avoid the products that contain silicon in it as it is known to lessen the health of your hair. Also, when you go for hair extensions in a salon, ask them to use silicon free products on you to keep your head safe from losing hair.

Follow the above-mentioned tips (especially hair extensions in salons) if you really want to make your hair healthier.

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