Japanese Hair Straightening Vs Brazilian Blowout

Japanese Hair Straightening Vs Brazilian Blowout

Many women with frizzy or curly hair choose to have hair that is smooth and sleek. Hairdryers and straighteners can do the trick, and in humid weather, it can be time-consuming and not reliable. In this regard, hair straightening salons will be able to help you out.

Read the pros and cons of the two common ‘permanent’ therapies for hair straightening.

Japanese Hair Straightening

It is also called Yuko, as it was developed by hair expert Yoko Yamashita. The patent was issued in Japan in 1995 and the process spread to other areas of the world after that. With the aid of chemicals, Japanese Hair Straightening will permanently straighten human hair.


The hair is cleaned and blow-dried first. It is then separated into portions where the chemical solvent is added and allowed to sit for 30 to 90 minutes, then rinsed, blow-dried, and ironed. This treatment will last up to 8 hours, depending on the duration and thickness of the hair.

You don’t need any special shampoo, because you can wash your hair as much as you want. Straightened hair will never get back to its curly condition, but its natural structure will be preserved by new hair growth. It is often referred to as Thermal Reconditioning.

Brazilian Blowout

It uses keratin as the key ingredient, also referred to as the Brazilian Keratin therapy. Keratin is an essential protein in hair and nails that are naturally found. There is 2% formaldehyde in Brazilian Hair Straightening, which avoids frizz and helps the hair to curl or not by becoming straight or wavy. It’s a little easier than Straightening Japanese Hair.


A method of temporary straightening of hair by sealing liquid keratin or a preservative paste onto the hair with a titanium iron is the keratin and Brazilian Blowout hair straightening procedures. It is necessary to keep the Keratin solution in the scalp, but the Brazilian Blowout rinses out.

You need not wash your hair for at least 3 or 4 days, and you cannot wash your hair with shampoos or conditioners of any sort. The hair should be cleaned with a sodium-free, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner after the medication has been completely incorporated into the hair.

Usually, these special hair care items are available from various spas and can be bought in bigger quantities for continuous use following treatment.

The hair will either be blow-dried or naturally left to dry and will be much softer, shinier, cleaner, and more stable than before the procedure. For several weeks after the procedure, you will find that your hair resists heat and humidity and still maintains its body.

Comparison between the Two of Them

Both therapies have a variety of advantages for curly and frazzled hairs, but if not correctly applied, Japanese straightening treatments will do some harm to the hair and scalp.

However, Japanese hair straightening procedures are permanent and are intended to straighten and soften the hair so that you do not have to use a flat iron as much. It is already fairly harmed whether the hair is color-treated or highlighted. You will benefit from keratin or Brazilian Blowout treatment that not only improves the hair but also restores the strands to make your hair smoother and more durable.


After testing the Brazilian Blowout, customers typically come back to try the Japanese process, as they want to see their hair straight, but it is important to note that people who frequently undergo Japanese straightening should ensure that they take care of their hair afterward, especially protecting it from heat.

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