Planning the perfect wedding event

Planning the perfect wedding event

Party planning does not have to be complicated. With a wedding planning checklist in hand, things may become a lot easier. In this respect, we have compiled a list of useful suggestions. Using these ideas, you can plan for party tent rentals, décor, food, and other wedding essentials.

A wedding planning checklist for you

Often, all that is required is a basic check-list that can be used to various kinds of wedding festivities. We have divided them down into days leading up to your wedding day. Therefore, follow them exactly as they are.

2 weeks prior to your wedding

It is past time for you to plan the supper meal. Ascertain that you are not ordering meals directly from the venue. Rather than that, lay out all the dishes in advance. You may create a shopping list in this respect.

If you are not a competent chef or if you have an excessive number of visitors, you may as well depend on a catering service.

Additionally, this is an ideal time to arrange your wedding decorations. To be creative on a shoestring budget, try shopping online for decorating materials. There are many inexpensive wedding décor ideas available on websites such as Pinterest. Therefore, consider making the most of those.

One week before your wedding

This is the ideal time to get the necessary supplies for the meal. Ascertain that you have purchased all necessary products in bulk. This will enable you to significantly reduce the overall cost.

Then, if you are hosting a wedding party at your house, now is the time to tidy. Therefore, purge your dining room table of any unnecessary mail. Simultaneously, make space in the refrigerator for beverages and food by removing any unnecessary things.

After that, make a little plan for all the party activities you may want to partake in on the wedding day. This will, however, apply to smaller wedding groups. In larger ones, individuals would want to be left alone and interact with one another.

Finally, ensure that you have a playlist prepared to provide to the DJ. A wedding must be memorable, and nothing enhances the experience more than some beautiful music. However, while compiling the playlist, avoid adding music from unusual genres. Rather than that, include some popular music that the majority of your wedding guests are certain to like. After all, not every attendee at your wedding will be an Iron Maiden devotee.

A day before the wedding

This is the time to complete any last preparations. Over 24 hours prior to a wedding celebration, begin working on all of the venue’s decorations. If the celebration is larger, you may need the help of additional individuals to decorate.

Additionally, begin preparing all of the food. For larger events, this will be the responsibility of a catering service that you will engage in advance.

By this time, you should have all the major wedding arrangements ready. This includes arranging the wedding tents, catering services, and the venue. Furthermore, just a few hours before the wedding, make sure that the venue is ready as well for reception.

If you leave everything the last hour, chances are that you are going to get some unwanted surprises. So, make sure that all the crucial aspects of your wedding are dealt with beforehand and just in time.


The checklist above is applicable to all parties, not only wedding parties. Thus, regardless of the wedding theme, you can always depend on them. Make certain, however, that you have reserved wedding tent rentals MD in advance. After all, this is a necessary condition for every wedding celebration.


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