How To Make Coarse Hair Soft And Smooth

How To Make Coarse Hair Soft And Smooth

Coarse and brittle hair can be very tricky to deal with and it may seem that it won’t tame down at all, but if you try keratin treatment by Mose hairstylist, your hair will become straight. If you want a hair care routine to make source hair smooth, see a significant difference in your hair texture and how it feels with the tips below.

Use Products For Coarse Hair

Coarse hair basically means that you have thicker hair density and you need to use products that are thick enough to penetrate into your hair shaft. The hair strand is thicker and you need products that can go deep in your hair and condition them. This is why you need to search for products that are catered towards coarse and extremely thick hair. Half of the time, people tend to forget about the fact that they need to use hair products according to their hair density and this is why you don’t get the results you are looking for.

Oil Your Hair Regularly

One of the great things you can do to naturally condition your hair is to oil it. You can simply use any type of oil which is thick and emollient for your hair. Oils like argan oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil are great for coarse hair and the result will be smooth and tangle-free hair.

The best way to apply oil to your hair is through a hot oil massage.

  • For this, you will need to heat up the oil until it is slightly hot to the touch, but not too hot that it burns and scalds your scalp.
  • Apply this oil all over your hair, focusing on the scalp and ends.
  • The hot oil will open up the hair follicles, allowing your scalp to breathe and this will result in increased hair growth

If you want to preserve the heat of the oil for longer:

  • Cover your head with a plastic bag or a shower cap.
  • Rinse off the oil after a couple of hours.
  • You can leave it on for longer if you like, but 2 hours is the minimum time to let the oil sit in your hair.

You will see a significant difference in your hair texture after this deep conditioning treatment.

Add Nourishment Through Your Diet

A good diet is going to reflect the way your hair looks and feels. For healthy and stronger hair, you want to include good fatty acids and omega 3 and 5 in your diet. Consuming fish, nuts, fish oil, seeds, legumes, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are a great way to make your hair silky and smooth from the inside out.

Eggs are also a great addition to your diet because the protein in eggs makes the hair stronger, smoother, and shinier.

Don’t Forget A Conditioner

Conditioner is a great way to add moisture to your hair and it is necessary to use for coarse and thick hair. For coarse hair, it is recommended to co-shampoo your hair. Co-shampoo basically means that you are swapping out your shampoo for a conditioner to wash your hair. A conditioner is going to make the hair smoother and it will also get rid of the dirt and debris in your hair and scalp. You can co-shampoo your hair once a week and you will see a huge difference in how your hair feels.

Use Conditioning Hair Masks

Hair masks are also a great way to condition your hair. The best thing about hair masks is that you don’t need to go out and buy them. There are plenty of things in your fridge that you can combine together and make an effective hair mask for your coarse hair.

The best one is an oil and egg mask. Just beat an egg in a bowl and add some oil. You want to add things according to your hair length, so nothing gets wasted. Apply this mask to your hair, wash it off, and prepare to be wowed.


There you have it! Try out these tips and see for yourself. Your hair is going to feel and look smooth, shiny, and silky and you will get rid of brittle, coarse, and dry hair for good. For permanent hair straightening, visit a keratin treatments Salon M.

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