How Soon Can I Recolor My Hair If I Don’t Like The Color

How Soon Can I Recolor My Hair If I Don’t Like The Color

Are you thinking about changing your hair color? If you are, then there might be some choices of hair color and highlights you have to make first. But, what if after the process, you don’t like the color at all? It is no less than a nightmare. Here are some things you can do to change that.

The Right Time Of Recoloring

Getting your hair dye is no joke. Your hair goes through a lot of chemical processes and it really weakens the shaft. So, if you end up not liking your hair color and want to change it, you have to wait at least 2 to 4 weeks before you can go into the salon again and get your color changed.

Your hair needs some time to breathe and it’s not healthy for your hair to be dyed over and over again after one procedure. A total of 4 weeks is the best time in which you can shampoo and condition your hair and try to get as much color out of your mane as you can. This will make the process easy and fast when you go into the salon and get another hair dye.

You can’t have your hair bleached and dyed after every couple of days. It is not healthy for your hair and you will see that it will make your hair brittle.

Don’t Dye Your Hair Immediately

The reason why you shouldn’t immediately dye your hair after the first appointment has gone wrong is because your hair is too weak and if you try to chemically change the color again, it will fry your hair and make it very thin, weak and brittle. You don’t realize this, but after a hair dye procedure, your scalp and hair are very sensitive and they need to be repaired and healed for some time before the next hair appointment. This is why waiting for 4 weeks is a must, otherwise you will be doing more damage to your already weak hair.

Your Hair Needs Deep Conditioning

After getting your hair dyed, you have to wait for 2 to 4 weeks, right? So, in the meantime, try to recondition your hair. Massage your scalp regularly with a heavy oil and apply a coconut oil mask to your hair. It’s very easy to make, just mix some coconut oil, olive oil and maybe some egg and yogurt in a bowl and apply it on your hair for 30 minutes to an hour.

The longer you put the mask on, the better. If you don’t want to mix all of these together, then just heat up some coconut oil and use that alone on your hair. You can leave the oil on overnight if you want, then wash it off in the morning.

Semi Permanent Hair Dyes

If your previous hair color was a semi-permanent hair dye, then it is much easier to remove and the process is quicker and you don’t even need to go to a salon for the most part. Semi-permanent hair dyes come off after a couple of washings of your hair.

They are designed to be washed off with shampoo and the color starts to fade away. So, if you don’t like your semi-permanent hair color, then simply wash it off.

Choose Wisely

Hair dye is no joke. Whenever you want to dye your hair, make sure that you are choosing the right color, so you don’t end up with bad results afterwards. Have a good talk with your hair colorist and figure out which color will look nice on your hair.

If you choose wisely in the beginning, then there won’t be a situation like this. So, don’t haste in this process, because this is a very damaging hair procedure and go for a suitable hair color.

Final Word

If you don’t like the color on your hair, then you have some options to rectify the situation. You just have to wait some time to allow your hair to take a breather and then go forward with changing the color. If you don’t want to worsen the situation, consider going to a hair color correction specialist Rockville who can fix the problem.

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