When Should I Touch Up Balayage

When Should I Touch Up Balayage

That’s a simple question, and there’s a simple answer to it. You ask your hairstylist, and he’ll answer you in a single line. But it is always good to have a written guide about balayage services that you can go back to. Also, no hair type is the same. So, you must have in-depth knowledge about your hair type and balayage.

Moreover, there’s no single time lap between getting a balayage and a touch-up. It is good to find out what is best for you and how you can make it last longer. Ahead I’ve mentioned an in-depth detail about when you should get a balayage touch-up. And how you can make your balayage last long.

When you should start considering a balayage touch-up

There are two parts of a balayage:

  • A base color
  • Bleaching

Obviously, you need a touch-up when your balayage starts fading. Or if the transition between natural color and the balayage is bothering you.

But, more often than not, you don’t know if you need a base color touch up only or bleaching as well. Well, you can get both at the same time too. But, let’s find out the answer to when.

When you’re supposed to only get the base color done

There are two situations:

  • White Hair
  • Faster Root Growth

So, if it’s been long, and now your white hair’s been showing up. It’s time to get the base color done. In this situation, it is simple. Or you can say you only have to apply the simple hair dye technique.

In the second scenario, your fast root growth can result in your appointment at the salon. As the balayage is only applied down to the roots. So, when your natural hair color starts showing up, get the base color touch up. Or, is your natural color your base color? Well, in that case, you don’t need a base color touch-up.

When you’re supposed to get the bleaching done

Two scenarios are leading to bleaching touch-up:

  • When you want to fresh-up the Tone
  • After Hair Growth

No matter how good and expensive the treatment was, it’ll fade away with time and washes. Also, the different hair products will aid your balayage to fade sooner. As a result, your hair color will look dull and pale. For instance, if you have blonde balayage, it’ll turn pale with time. And platinum balayage will turn white with time. But you can compensate for the loss with a bleaching touch-up, leaving your hair as fresh and glamorous as before.

The second situation is optional. With time your balayage starts going down, and your natural hair color starts appearing. So, there’s a subtle transition of colors. Most people enjoy the transition between their hair colors during hair growth.

But if you’re the one not liking the hair color transition. Then, you can go for a bleaching touch-up. In this case, the balayage is applied 2-2.5 inches from ear height.

When you should touch up your balayage also depends upon how you maintain them

Generally, it takes 12-14 weeks before you need a balayage touch-up. Okay, that’s it. You got the answer. It is 12-14 weeks. But, want to know how you can prolong the time lap so you don’t have to feel arbitrary. If yes, then keep reading further.

Many precautions can prolong the time before you need a balayage touch-up. Let’s unfold them one by one.

Avoid using just any hair-care product

Your Hair’s no more being a virgin; they need special care now. You should not use shampoos and other hair-related products that contain sulfur. It is simply a detergent and can wreak havoc on your chemically treated hair. Also, avoid using too many hair sprays.

Frequent washing is bad

Shampoo can take away the natural moisture of your hair when you do it too often. So, frequent washing is not only inadequate for balayage hair but also for virgin hair. You should only do a hair wash 2-3 times a week.

Or you can also use a deep conditioner only instead of using a shampoo. And in between washing days, do not get your hair wet.

Wash your hair with cold water

To lock up the moisture and color into your hair follicles, either wash them with Luke warm water or cold water.

If you want to have flawless balayage hair highlights, go to a balayage salon for touch ups. Hypno

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