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What Are The Causes Of Drainpipe Noises

What Are The Causes Of Drainpipe Noises

Imagine being in your bathroom peacefully doing your rituals. You turn off the tap and are humming and inspecting your face when suddenly you hear, bang bang, gurgle gurgle, slow whistling, vibrating hummings, or rattle rattle. No, it’s not a ghost, do not run but stay and inspect what is wrong with your drainage pipes. Your drainage pipelines are invisible to you until you hear these scary sounds. Then you get scared because you do not want to go into the hassle of water leaking, plumbing fixtures, and would want to leave it to rooter services.

But first, you need to find out the inception of the noise and what is causing it. Maybe the angels of the drainage pipes are trying to communicate with you, listen to what they have to say.

Water Pressure

If the water pressure is too high, more than your drainage pipes can sustain then the water hitting the drainage pipes with speed creates a vibrating humming sort of sound. The pipes continue to vibrate for some time even after the water is turned off.

This can happen in any small or big home but mostly happens in homes where the water is extracted from water wells. You should check your water tank and set it at an optimum pressure or call in a plumber if you are not able to.

Blockage Or Drainage Obstruction

When there is a blockage in your drain pipes, you will usually hear gurgling sounds. Also, sometimes when you will flush, you will hear these sounds from the sink. The reason for this is that the water moves slowly due to the obstruction. The obstructions can be caused by any external factor. Soap scum, hair, grease, fats, oil, food debris, and peels, small object such as a cap or a toy, sanitary napkins, tissue papers, and many other things can cause clogged pipes. These all tend to accumulate in the internal drainage pipes and lead to obstructions which creates the sound. You can try the home remedies of vinegar and baking soda solution and get rid of it but you will also have to get it professionally cleaned.

Copper Pipes

Your drainage pipes are hidden inside the walls and you cannot see what goes on behind the walls. Sometimes the pipes are made of copper which expands in hot water and then contracts again in cold water. This expansion and contraction of pipes can cause them to become loosened or some nuts and bolts may fall off. When the copper pipes contract, they scrape against the fastened brackets in the wall and the bolts that results in rattling sounds. Call in a plumber to address this issue or it could increase.

Loosened Pipes

Your drainage pipes are constructed using a lot of components which include nuts, bolts, fasteners, washers, and screws. With time and age, they go through wear and tear which causes them to become loose or fall off. When this happens, the pipes produce a whining or a whistling sort of sound. Call in a plumber to check which of the nuts and bolts need fixing and tightening.

Air Bubbles

Oxygen or air bubbles can get trapped in the drainage pipes due to issues in the water line or if there is a clog then around it. When you turn on the tap then these air bubbles cause banging noises. You will need a plumber to evaluate the cause of the air bubbles and clear the water line problems.

Water Hammer

This happens when a valve or a faucet is shut off suddenly and the rushing water has no place to go but due to its speed falls on the closed valve with a loud bang thus the name, water hammer. This also leads to many small bangs inside your drainage pipes. This means there is an issue with your water flow or water pressure. A plumber may install a pressure regulator or a pressure reducer or a water hammer arrestor to cure the problem.


If you hear any sort of sounds listed above then do not stall the matter or ignore it but call in an expert plumber or drain contractor to solve the issue immediately and have noise-free pipes.

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