All About Permanent Hair Extensions You Should Know

All About Permanent Hair Extensions You Should Know

Now having healthy, thick, and long hair is no more a dream. This can be achieved through permanent extensions from salons that do hair extensions. And if you’re new to this term, let us introduce you to what permanent hair extensions are.

Well, permanent hair extensions are hair wefts, either made of 100% human hair or synthetic, that can be worn for an extended period. And these usually last for 6-8 months, depending upon your structured maintenance routine.

Let’s Talk About The Extensions

The hair extension services are done either using permanent hair extensions or clip-in ones (temporary hair wefts). But remember that anyone can install clip-in hair extensions; even you can install them on your own.

However, that is not the case with permanent hair extensions. Only professional stylists can install them, as it’s a delicate process.

Plus, permanent hair extensions are majorly of two types.

  • Human hair extensions
  • Synthetic hair extensions

We suggest you go for human hair extensions if you want more natural-looking and healthy hair. Plus, there are other benefits of these hair extensions as well, which we’re going to mention ahead in this article.

Human Hair Extensions

These hair wefts are made of 100% human hair. And they make your hair look natural. These can be tape-in, micro-fusion or keratin bound. But it’s good to know beforehand that human hair extensions are super expensive. So, only go for these when you can afford them.

Anyways, human hair extensions are a plus when styling your hair. They’re more natural and easier to style.

Moreover, the longevity of human hair extensions is much more their synthetic counterparts. While Synthetic extensions last for 60 to 90 days, human hair extensions can keep giving you hair help up to 2 years. The higher cost of human hair extensions makes sense now!

Synthetic Hair Extensions

These hair wefts do look like hair, but they’re synthetic. A down point? Well, they’re not totally a thumbs-down, as synthetic hair extensions are super affordable. You can get them clipped to your hair permanently with the help of a professional. And though they last a little lesser in your hair than human hair extensions, that’s not an issue! You can get the services done again.

But if hair damage is your concern, then definitely go for human hair extensions. Or you can also go for some aftercare tips for little to no damage to your hair.

Things To Ponder

It would help if you always go for hair extensions, depending on your hair and scalp type. Is your scalp sensitive?

Don’t go for permanent hair extensions, then. In that case, you can use clip-in hair wefts that are only worn intermittently. So, you better consult with your stylist before making any decision. Also, go for the thick hair wefts when you have thin hair.

How To Protect Your Hair From Post-Extension Damage?

Firstly, if your permanent hair extensions are clipped in properly, there is no need to bother about hair damage. There will be little to no damage to your hair.

However, if not properly attached, these can cause hair loss with unnecessary pressure on your follicles. And that’s why we always recommend getting done with your hair extension services from a professional stylist. And invest some time while choosing good quality hair extensions for yourself. Discuss with your stylist about the whole process, and then go for it.

After-Care Tips

Now when you’re choosing to go for permanent hair extensions, you need to be a little patient with them. For instance:

  • Always wait for your hair to air dry when attached with hair extensions, as blow drying will make hair extensions slip. Plus, this can make your hair sticky while losing the glue.
  • Make sure the hair extensions don’t get tangled while you’re sleeping.
  • Make a loose bun or a braid while sleeping.
  • Go for the satin cushion covers.
  • Use good hair shampoos (prefer organic ones).
  • Invest in some leave-in hair conditioner.

Though permanent hair extensions make your hair look better than it has ever been, these come with a bit of responsibility. Get them from a good hair extensions salon Potomac and take care of your hair to make hair extensions last longer.

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