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How Are Overgrown Tree Dangerous?

How Are Overgrown Tree Dangerous?

Trees are essential to the environment as they provide shade and oxygen. Not only that, trees also help improve the natural landscape. If you have sufficient space to accommodate some trees in your front yard or backyard, you are lucky. However, overgrown trees can become dangerous and might threaten you and your surroundings as well. In some cases, you may even need to consider removing them with the help of tree cutting services. We will discuss how risky overgrown trees can be and what you can do to avoid them.

Property Damage

The first thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to overgrown trees is property damage. Some trees only look good when they reach a certain height. But, if trees are threatening you and your neighbor’s property, you should trim them down.

The biggest risk with overgrown trees is when extreme weather conditions set in. During extreme winds or a thunderstorm, branches can break and end up breaking the windows. It could also be that the trees simply break and fall onto the property. This is a very dangerous situation especially if you have kids living in the house.

Furthermore, overgrown trees can also cause damage to the foundation, pipes, and other underground networks. This is why some states have strict regulations about the height of the trees. To avoid the trees from coming in contact with the power lines and the properties, the states require citizens to keep the trees under a certain height.

If they don’t follow the rules, they are imposed a heavy fine. On top of that, if an overgrown tree in your front or backyard happens to land on your neighbor’s property, they might file a complaint in court against you. So, to avoid such situations, keep an eye on tree growth.

Power Outages

Another major problem with overgrown trees is power outages. If there are overgrown trees in your front yard that are about to reach the height of power lines, you will need to trim them down immediately. During extreme weather conditions, such trees can fall onto the power lines which will add to the risk if the wires fall on wet roads.

This could electrocute the entire road and might lead to serious injuries. Plus, restoring the power lines also takes quite a bit of time. If the authorities find out that the issue was created by overgrown trees in your front yard, they might contact the local authorities and blame you for the incident.

Overgrown Trees Can Become A Hiding Place

Overgrown trees are the perfect place for birds and other animals to take shelter. Animals that do not like to live close to the ground and at a certain height are always on the hunt to find such places. That’s because they need to protect themselves and their offspring from predators.

However, this could be a dangerous situation for your house as well. Keep in mind that trees attract all sorts of rats and insects etc. So, while birds are one thing, you might also have termites, ants, snakes, etc. reaching inside the house through the branches.

Furthermore, thieves and people who intend to harm your property can also hide in the dense trees and remain undetected. They can easily sneak into your home once you leave.

Accidental Collisions

Overgrown trees are not only a risk for properties but also traffic. There have been many incidents where trees have collided with broken branches since visibility is an issue when driving during extreme weather conditions. Plus, if there are kids on the road, they can also come in contact with the broken branches and experience serious injuries.

The best way to avoid such situations is by keeping an eye on the growth of the branches. Do not allow them to exceed a certain length and prune them when the time is right. If that is not possible, you should hire an expert who can perform tree pruning and trimming promptly.

How Often To Prune Or Trim The Trees?

Pruning and trimming are two different concepts that people often confuse. Pruning is the process of cutting down overgrown parts and dead branches of the tree. On the other hand, trimming is the technique to help the tree grow. It helps the tree appear more clean.

That said, the frequency of trimming a tree depends on the type of tree you have. Some trees need to be pruned or trimmed in the summer season while others need trimming in the winter season. Plus, the extent of the pruning and trimming process depends on the height and size of the tree.

Smaller trees require less pruning and trimming when compared to larger trees. Large trees have parts that when overgrown can break or fall and cause damage to the property and people near it. So, if you have multiple trees at your house, you will need to contact an arborist service Chevy Chase to help keep them within limits.

Pruning or trimming at the wrong time may damage the trees. Plus, doing it the wrong way may also lead to the tree’s death. So, instead of playing around with the trees, it is better to spend some money and help them grow the right way.

Can I Prune Or Trim Myself?

Yes, as long as you have the tools and possess the right skills and experience. If you are dealing with taller trees, you will need to consider your safety first and ask a friend or a family member to lend you a helping hand. This is because trees can drop dead branches all of a sudden.

Furthermore, if the weather changes for the worse, there should be someone to help you return safely to the ground. Overgrown trees are dangerous because anything can go wrong within seconds.

However, if the trees tend to be shorter you can easily maintain them with the help of a few tools.

How To Find A Good Arborist?

Finding a good arborist can be a daunting task especially if you have multiple options out there. A good way is to ask your social circle for referrals. This is the safest bet considering they have already provided their services and are most likely satisfied.

Another way is to search the internet and look for options in your area. To pick the best option, make sure you go through their portfolio. A good arborist would have certifications, years of experience, skills, and insurance. Once you have multiple options in hand, interview them to choose a good one.

You should something similar if you want to go ahead with tree removal. You may need the advice of an arborist if you want to keep the tree but it’s too big or dangerous. However, if you don’t want to keep the tree yourself for reasons like the tree being too close to the house or you can’t maintain it, then the decision is rather simple.


If you are someone who loves to have some greenery around the house, you should invest in an expert. This ensures that you get to improve the aesthetic appeal and keep everyone away from danger as well. However, if you want to have it removed, consult tree removal companies Kensington.

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