Wedding planning amidst the corona virus

Wedding planning amidst the corona virus

The wedding industry has been booming from decades now. It is an event that people look forward to from years and start planning for it a long time before the event itself. However, the on-going corona crisis totally changed the picture. Still, the wedding industry continues to survive and is likely to go on the same way. Even today, party tent rentals companies get daily contracts for wedding and events. Indeed, it is true that humans are social beings that cannot live without socializing.

However, now that corona has hit the entire world, socializing needs to happen with some SOPs. So, what should you do about your wedding parties considering the current corona situation?

Wedding parties and corona virus

In this article, we put together some tips and general guidelines that you should follow. These include:

Don’t cancel, just postpone

If you are planning to totally cancel your wedding party due to the corona situation, we would say don’t do that! Instead of cancelling, it is much better to postpone it if you are concerned about safety.

It may be hard for you to reschedule all timings and things later. However, know that it is about your wedding. It is a very special day for you and you simply cannot let it go due to the pandemic. Though, for safety reasons, we do not suggest you organize a wedding party right away!

Instead of cancelling it, maybe just postpone it to 2-3 months down the line. Chances are that your wedding party will be much smaller and be in off-season. Still, it will be just as special for you. After all, you will be marrying the love of your life.

So, regardless of when and where it happens, do not let the corona crisis break your spirit away. Simply wait for a better time to have your big day!

Talk to the vendors and venue owners right away

Due to the corona situation, it is important to ask what your vendors are offering nowadays. Chances are that your vendors may only be arranging smaller gatherings or none at all. Similarly, they may also put a cap at the total number of guests allowed at a party. With that, some SOPs may also have to be enforced.

So, take time in talking to your vendor and venue owner to see what the possibilities are regarding your wedding party. Furthermore, also discuss about the future prospects. In case you already have your dates coming up, discuss the way-around also! Do not let anything remain blurry at this point.

Remember that there is a way out

No matter how uncertain the situation may seem, there is always a way out. So, rather than panicking, it is important for you to think what you can do with an open mind. You see, the corona situation has affected a big number of people. It has also changed the way businesses are operating and have also transformed social habits.

However, the only way out is to accept these changes and to move in line with them for survival. So, know that it is time to adapt. Rather than giving up on things, try to adapt yourself.

Ending note

Sooner or later, the corona situation will be under control. This is because humans, even in the past, have managed to come out of widespread pandemics. So, chances are that all operations will return back to normal. Now, it is up to you whether you want to wait or have a wedding party with SOPs. Talking with your wedding tent rentals Rockland NY company may give you more clarity into this matter. This will help you in figuring out all your possibilities.

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