What should your expectations be from keratin treatment?

What should your expectations be from keratin treatment?

Do you intend to visit a salon for keratin treatments in order to receive keratin treatments? Well, the terms “Brazilian blowout” and “keratin treatment” are occasionally used synonymously. What is it then? Do you even think it’s worth your time and money? We’ll outline everything you should anticipate from a keratin treatment salon in this post.

At a nutshell, keratin treatment is a procedure done in a salon. The hair might appear incredibly straight after this technique. Furthermore, if done correctly, it can endure for up to 6 months. That is not all, though. In order to give their hair a brilliant sheen, women also have keratin treatments. In turn, this can lessen the frizziness.

The keratin process is actually fairly straightforward. However, the keratin treatment’s nature means that it might take many hours in one sitting.

The keratin procedure

The hair wash is the first step in the keratin treatment procedure. The treatment is then applied to damp hair by the hairdresser, who then lets it sit for 30 minutes. The hairdresser then seals the treatment into the hair with a flat iron. Therefore, be sure you have adequate patience because a keratin treatment could take several hours.

Want to know this treatment’s benefits and drawbacks? Continue to read!

Keratin treatment benefits

Our bodies naturally produce the protein known as keratin. Thus, keratin makes up both our hair and nails. The main component of the keratin treatment is the removal of keratin from wool, horns, and other materials. A little quantity of keratin is also included in several conditioners and shampoos. The finest results, however, come from salon treatments when they are carried out by qualified hair stylists.

The benefits of keratin treatments may include the following:

Glossy hair

The fact that keratin smoothes the existing hair cells is one of its remarkable properties. This translates into easier hair management and a decrease in frizziness. Your hair will end up looking really lustrous and healthy as a consequence of this.

Additionally, keratin treatments help lessen the appearance of broken ends. The hair will also be glued back together at the same time.

For a long time

The nice thing about keratin treatments is that they have a good amount of longevity. One keratin treatment, for instance, can continue for six months or more. Of course, the length of your hair will determine this. It’s likely that you may get away with 8 months if your hair is already excessively long.

However, if your hair is short and growing quickly, the effects could not last more than three months.

Drawbacks of keratin

Keratin treatment could, like everything else, have some drawbacks. Do you wish to know what they are?


The major drawback of keratin treatments is that formaldehyde exposure occurs throughout the procedure. This causes cancer. But keep in mind that not all therapies include this element. Even so, many therapies still include it, and they even make an effort to conceal this fact.


Last but not least, keratin treatments are not inexpensive. In actuality, the cost of these procedures might range from $300 to $800. Of course, there are less expensive solutions on the market, but they are less reliable and have a tendency to disappear pretty fast.

Arduous to sustain

The main worry of consumers is maintenance with keratin treatments. The shampoo and water you use matter much while receiving keratin treatments. Therefore, be sure to think about all of this first.

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