What Causes Elbow Pain Without Injury

What Causes Elbow Pain Without Injury

Elbow pains can be a hard thing to deal with. Pain in the elbow can cause a lot of restrictions in movement and sometimes it is not due to an injury but you should still see an elbow injury doctor. Here are some causes of elbow pains which is not, in any way, related to an injury.

Too Much Use Of The Elbow

Overuse of the elbow can cause a lot of pain in it and it can radiate down to your arms as well. This is a very common thing to occur in athletic people or people who play a lot of sports. Sometimes, swinging something with your hand with too much force can lead to sprains in the elbow and you can feel immense pain afterward. This doesn’t mean your elbow is injured. It just needs some time to heal and you need to give it some time to rest and you will be good to go.

Lifting Heavy Things

If you are in weight lifting or doing exercises that engage your body and your elbow supports a lot of the weight, then after some time you can feel pain in your elbow. This is because your elbow is not designed to take a lot of weight on it. Surely you can put some weight on your elbow, but doing it consistently and on a daily basis is not good for your bones and it can lead to a lot of pain. You will not be able to lift things for much longer if this keeps up.

Bone Disorders

A more medical problem that can lead to elbow pain and general bone pain is bone disorders. If you have arthritis, lupus, or any other disorder which leads to the fragility of your bones, then it will also target your elbow. This is because your elbow is a crucial joint and it can be dislocated or weakened very easily. Again, this isn’t caused by an injury, but if you put an already fragile elbow through a forceful impact, then you are prone to breaking the elbow or fracturing its joint. You don’t want that.

Too Much Stretching

Elbow sprains and nerve pinches are very common. This happens when you try to stretch your elbow too much, to the point where it can pop out of its socket. If you throw something with too much force, or if you try out a new stretching exercise, then you are prone to spraining the elbow. This can lead to immense pain in your elbow and you won’t be able to move your elbow for a good amount of time until the sprain is settled. You need to give it proper rest and avoid doing strenuous things with your affected elbow until the elbow is healed fully.

Heart Issues

This is more like a symptom in people who have heart issues. If you are someone who deals with a lot of heart issues and you get mini angina attacks every now and again, then your elbow will also feel the pain. The main thing to remember here is that you will only feel pain in the left hand and it will also radiate down to your arms and palms. This is an alarming thing and you need to get it checked, especially if you are unaware of your heart condition.

Fractures That Haven’t Fully Healed

This is more like an injury-related pain, but this is caused by uneven healing of bones after a fracture. If you have suffered from a hand fracture in the past and it has been healed, but not to its full extent, then you can feel some sort of pain in it, especially when the hand is exposed to chilly winds and cold water. It is called a malunion fracture. You will feel pain and pinching in the elbow. It may also be due to the bone poking in the muscle, as it was not fully and evenly fused when the fracture was healing in the past.


There you have it! These causes are probably what cause elbow pains the most. You need to look out for these causes and prevent them from overexerting your elbow in the future. For proper treatment, go to orthopedic surgeons Woodbridge.

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