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What Are The Best Concrete Pool Designs

What Are The Best Concrete Pool Designs

Concrete pools are popular and preferred by the majority of homeowners due to ease of maintenance and a longer lifespan. However, considering the overwhelming number of pool design options out there, coming up with the right one can be a bit difficult. Many people take recommendations from patio contractors, but for your ease, we’ll discuss here some of the best concrete pool designs.

Concrete Pool Shapes

When it comes to choosing the perfect pool shape, it all comes down to two popular types: linear and freeform. While liner shapes are considered traditional and relatively more popular than freeform, homeowners usually opt for such designs to give their pools a simple yet modern look.

On the other hand, freeform pools are informal and more tropical. Unlike the linear shapes that are rectangular or square, these pool shapes mimic the clouds or a specific object. You can also opt for a fish or piano shape. You need to keep this mind that pool shapes cannot be changed and therefore, the pool design should be such that it compliments your home for years to come.

Concrete Pool Features

Apart from the design, some homeowners like to include some features into their concrete pools as well to make them more interesting such as the bench seats, interior steps, and tanning ledges, etc. If you were wondering what a tanning ledge is, it is basically a shelf with 6-12 inches of water for you to sunbathe in, kids to splash around and dogs to play. However, the tanning ledge depends on the interior finish. In some cases, it might come out to be a bit rough on your skin.

Bench seats are meant to relax. If you plan on spending the weekends with your family members and friends, you can install one or two benches for them to relax while the kids splash around in the pool. At the same time, you can also include some classy steps to add to the appeal of the pool and make it easier for people to step inside the pool if diving is not their thing.

Fiberglass Pools

Those who do not prefer concrete pools usually opt for fiberglass pools. You have a variety of design options when it comes to fiberglass designs, but lesser than concrete pools. You can have custom colors, designs, and shapes, etc. In addition to that, fiberglass is less likely to cause minor scratches or injuries like concrete pools.

Therefore, you can be a bit at ease knowing that your little one or your dog does not injure themselves hitting the pool wall. However, there is a downside to fiberglass. As compared to concrete, fiberglass can easily crack but the gel coat of fiberglass happens to be smooth. This means that you don’t scrape your skin while relaxing on a bench seat or a tanning ledge.

Best Concrete Pool Designs For Each Pool Purpose

Concrete pool designs work out perfectly as long as they match the purpose. This is why the first tip an expert will give you is that you need to define your purpose. The purpose determines the pool design you should opt for.

For instance, you can choose social pools that include tanning ledges and bench seats. This type is particularly for social gatherings and people hanging out without frolicking. Since active swimming is not the priority, the pool can be relatively shallow.

Additionally, social pools can either be linear or freeform as long as the ledges or benches are within the communication distance.

Meanwhile, family pools are meant to be slightly more spacious. The reason is that you will have your family members and especially kids having a splash throughout the day. You can play games both inside and out the perimeter where adding pool slides can also make a big difference.

This type of concrete pool design can be a bit deep or include a deep end so that the kids are kept away from the dangerous area.

Final Word

Concrete pools are most customizable pools. However, you can also opt for other materials like fiberglass but that won’t last long. Therefore, if a concrete pool is your final preference, make sure that you consider your needs and the input of your pool builder Long Island to end up with the perfect design.

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