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Some useful tips for cooling your house this summer

Some useful tips for cooling your house this summer

Now that summer is here, homeowners are slowly gearing up to turn on their air conditioning and HVAC units. Since the temperatures have risen significantly, it is important to know about the most efficient practices for cooling your home. This will not only help you reduce the energy bills but will also improve the health of your HVAC equipment thus preventing the need for AC repair services.

Some simple ideas to keep your house cool

By maintaining the temperature of your house, you can ensure the comfort of your family throughout the summer season. But have you wondered how you can keep your house cooler for a lesser cost this summer? In this article, we have put together several tips that you may find useful.

Get some window treatments

Of course, closing the blinds can help you retain the cold air in your house when you are using an air conditioner. Since the hot air will not enter constantly, your air conditioner will have to do less work. It is estimated that around 40% of the unwanted heat during the summer comes through the windows.

So, by keeping the blinds down, you can prevent excessive heat from entering. If you invest in blinds that absorb sunlight instead of simply reflecting it, you can further improve the cooling. The opposite is true during the nighttime. If you are not using the HVAC unit during the night time, then it might be much better to keep your windows open.

Since the temperature during the night is much lesser, keeping the windows open will allow the entry of cool air. This will also keep the temperature of your home lower during the night, hence preventing the need of turning on the AC. Over time, you can expect to see reduced billing costs.

Improve efficiency

This might be tricky for many people. Many house owners do not understand that by running the air conditioner smoothly, one can reduce energy usage. You may want to install a programmable thermostat that you can adjust depending on the temperature needs throughout the day.

Hence, your air conditioner will not have to work excessively. Furthermore, you can also change the filters of your AC regularly to make it work smoothly. Ideally, this must be done after every 3 months depending on the air conditioner size. For some units, cleaning of the filters is necessary every month.

Plan chores to reduce heat from appliances

Another source of heat inside the house is appliances. Among these, the stove and the oven are the most common culprits that heat up your indoors. If you are using an oven and a stove, make sure that you have turned on the fan for better airflow.

Another precaution that you can take during the summer season is to avoid cooking indoors. You may want to set up an outdoor kitchen during the summer days, which significantly improves the temperature quality indoors.

Similarly, clothing dryers and dishwashers also give off a lot of heat. You may want to plan these activities during the day since the air conditioner will easily tackle them. At night, avoid cooking and using extra appliances to keep the temperature low.


We hope that you now know about the main things that you need to consider during the summer season. By following these tips, you can ensure that your air conditioner works in a smooth manner while maintaining the right level of comfort indoors.

Furthermore, get air conditioner inspection from HVAC repair services Chantilly regularly. This ensures that your air conditioner is working as efficiently as possible. The better the efficiency, the better the comfort you can enjoy inside your house during the summer season.

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