Pros And Cons Of PRP Hair Treatment

Pros And Cons Of PRP Hair Treatment

Platelet plasma-rich therapy is a method for treating thin hair and is performed in many hair restoration clinics. Here are some of the pros and cons of PRP hair treatment.

Pros of PRP Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma treatment has gained a lot of fame because of its benefits that have amazed everyone, such as:

  1. No Allergic Reactions

PRP therapy can be used as an alternative of hair transplant surgery if your case is not much severe. One of the main advantages of platelet-rich plasma therapy is that the cells used in this process are your own body cells, so no risk of an allergic reaction, contamination or rejection stays there.

  1. Lesser Discomfort

Because it is a non-surgical method so there is not be much discomfort and pain experienced by the patients and that little discomfort also goes away much quickly and easily.

  1. No Long Recovery Time

PRP is known as a painless treatment which does not also take much time to recover. It is as simple as you can come on your feet and return to your home walking right after the treatment is done.

  1. Slow But Effective

Well, everything takes time to settle. You can’t just expect the results to be seen immediately after the treatment. Wait patiently for at least about 3 months after the treatment and you would notice great results on your skin. Almost everyone who has tried this treatment rather than a hair transplant surgery has labeled it as a much effective option. However, full results take much longer time i.e. a year to be seen but the wait is definitely worth it.

  1. Can Be Done At Areas Other Than Face

PRP is known as a versatile treatment as it can be performed not only on the face in order to remove facial hair but can also be done on your scalp to replace that hair. So now you won’t have to spend a lot of your money in a hair transplant surgery and follow a long list of instructions but get the PRP treatment done from any renowned hair restoration clinic.

  1. Scar-Free Method

No one loves any sort of scar on any part of their body as they are not great reminders of painful surgery and are also not very attractive. PRP hair treatment is no less than a blessing as there are no scars left by the procedure on any part of the body. It is entirely a scar-free treatment.

Cons of PRP Treatment

Because of the use of injections for the insertion and extraction, there might be some problems caused such as:

  1. Risk of an Infection

The instruments used in PRP hair treatment are sterilized but there are some rare cases when an infected injection is used to insert the plasma which causes infection at the site of extraction or insertion. However, this infection can be cured by some medications, but it can be a risk.

  1. The Injection Can Be Wrongly Injected

If in any case, the injection is injected in a wrong way to the patient then pain might stay there for a couple of days. Though, the pain can be reduced by massaging the swelled area properly.

  1. Nerves Can Get Injured

Injecting the injection inside is an extremely crucial stage as it needs to be handled with extra care in order to prevent any sort of excess cut. Plasma is extracted from the blood that is inside the nerves so any deep cut can damage the nerves and cause it to bleed. Hence, surgeons need to be very calm and careful while carrying out this procedure.

  1. Tissue Damage

Just like nerve damage, tissue can be damaged too but that happens very rarely when the surgeon is not experienced enough to inject the injection at the right area.

All of these drawbacks of PRP hair treatment are completely curable if you follow the medication and suggestions by the doctor perfectly. However, these problems are nothing if we compare them with the problems caused by other hair treatments.

Choose a well-known hair transplant surgery which has all the latest equipment and facilities so that the platelet-rich plasma procedure is performed efficiently with lesser chances of risks and many prominent results.

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