Important facts one should know about brakes

Important facts one should know about brakes

Brakes are essential in every vehicle to provide safety to the driver as well as the passengers. It is important to visit local benz repair shops when brake fails. Either disc or drum vehicles are used in modern vehicles. A rotor attached to the wheel hub, brake pads, calipers, hydraulic system etc. are the main components of a disc brake.

Car brake repair

When the brake pedal is pressed the hydraulic system transmits the pressure many times multiplied causing the brake pad to press the rotor resulting in the stopping of the vehicle. The drum system of brakes also works on the same principle. Let us consider some aspects that are very important when one starts thinking how to carry out brake repair.

Brake pads

Worn out brakes can increase the braking distance and can lead to metal getting grinded as they come in contact with each other.  Cracks on brakes caused due to overheating can lead to squealing when stopping. This will increase the stopping distance. If squealing becomes a regular thing then it is high time to replace the brake pads  next time you try to do the brake repair.


Only flat rotor surface can keep contact with the brake pad. Warping caused by heat can lead to pulsation of the braking pad and the vehicle will jerk before stopping. Overheated rotor surface will get discolored to purple. The hardening caused in the surface makes the brake pads not in a position to provide the required grip. This delays the stopping of the vehicle and can lead to accidents.


Problems caused in the hydraulic system can lead to leaks necessitating oil leaks repair. Brake pedal going low can produce leak of fluids in the brake system leading to eventual failure of the brake system. If any leak is noticed immediate preventive action has to be initiated. Pool of liquid on the floor of the garage and brake pedal lying low are symptoms of brake fluid leakage.

Sticking caliper

Caliper brackets and caliper are meant  for holding the brake pads against the rotor and force them to stop the vehicle when pressed. At times the caliper piston gets stuck inside the bore. When such a situation occurs the car gets pulled to one side when brakes are applied. Overheating and damaging of brake pads or rotors can also take place. It can become a serious nuisance if sticking of caliper occurs.

Brake fade

When the vehicle takes more time to stop, it can be due to brake fade which warrants immediate Brake repair. It is usually a short term problem, but at times it can become a long time problem also. When a vehicle is driven downhill the brakes and rotors become less responsive.  After some time when the brake pads cool, it returns to its original functionality. As this is repeated the brake fade continues and it becomes necessary to replace the pad and rotors.

Smoking brakes

This is a very dangerous condition. When overheated brakes are producing smoke one can be sure that the brake pads are burning. When this happens the pads will start glazing resulting in reduced performance. Just take your car to porsche repair shops as soon as you notice problem.

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