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How To Heal Sick Tree?

How To Heal Sick Tree?

If the trees in your backyard are getting sick then, to save the tree, you need to heal the sick trees as soon as possible either by opting for some DIY healing process or by opting for professional tree services. In case of delay, you may have to face the worst consequences such as tree may get dead and hiring the tree removal services will be your last resort.

Is Your Tree Sick?

First, you need to know if the tree is sick or not. A tree may have the following symptoms if it is a diseased tree:

  1. The tree may look spotty
  2. Leaves get yellowish color regardless of the weather effect
  3. At least one of the branches of the tree gets dead or diseased
  4. Leaves of the tree may start curling up
  5. The bark of the tree may get deep cracks or extensive fractures
  6. The fungus may start growing on the tree; this is too dangerous as a number of diseases are associated with fungus and due to its constant growth a tree can die soon. As a result, searching for tree services will be the final remedy.
  7. Some kind of fluid may start coming out from the tree especially from the bark of the tree.
  8. The bark of the tree may start getting peeled off.
  9. Flowers or the shoots may turn black due to a disease, fire blight, which is one of the most common diseases and due to it flowers and shoot get infected and eventually turn their color.
  10. Branches turn black and get harden with the passage of time. It occurs due to a special kind of fungus.
  11. Color of the leaves turn brown.
  12. Red spots on the tree leaves
  13. Powdery, white colored mildew gets visible on the leaves of the tree. Initially, these white spots may be too small in size; however, if the disease is not get controlled immediately then these spots can cover the entire surface of the leaf.

These are some of the common symptoms. Kudos to you if you have noticed these signs and symptoms earlier!

How To Heal a Tree?

Now you need to know how you can heal the sick tree to get rid of the disease as soon as possible. If you will delay the healing process then the ultimate solution will be hiring tree removal services as tree will get die soon.

  1. Change the Fertilizer

If you are using high nitrogen fertilizers and toxic chemical pesticides then stop using them because they can kill useful nematodes which are helpful microbes and play imperative role in plant growth. Synthetic fertilizers are normally high in salt and change the structure and chemistry of the soil. As they kill good insects, they become a cause of change in soil structure which further impacts the growth of a tree.

  1. Remove Excess Soil

It is essential to remove the excess soil as it can minimize the availability of the oxygen to the roots. Many a time the upper soil is either eroded soil or fill soil. Due to this eroded soil, roots face grilling and circling. So, such soil is not good for the healthy growth of the tree. This step is one of the most important steps for the treatment of the tree.

  1. Spray

To control the disease, entire tree and the soil should be fed with spray. Spray the branches of the trees, shoots, and twigs. Do not forget to spray the ground. As spraying is advantageous for the trees, you can consider spraying the trees after constant intervals to prevent disease if it does not sound expensive.

Although spraying is a great way to get rid of the disease in order to heal the tree, however, if the tree is still battling the disease then hire the assistance from the professional tree services or tree removal services Bethesda. Professionals know better about what kind of nutrients are needed to get rid of a specific disease. They know if deep root feeding is better and when to use surface feeding method to control the disease as soon as possible. If you need more information about a certain disease, ask in the comment section.

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