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How To Avoid Mistakes When Installing Quartz Countertops

How To Avoid Mistakes When Installing Quartz Countertops

Whether you are hiring someone to get your quartz kitchen countertops installed or you are doing it by yourself, here are some things you need to look out for to avoid mistakes during countertop installation.

The Wrong Dimensions

Nothing looks as bad as an incorrectly measured countertop. Countertops that have seemingly flawless dimensions and fit the surface like a glove looks like a work of art, but sometimes these measurements are incorrectly taken and a slight change in the original dimensions will make hindrance in the fitting of the countertops. This looks extremely off-putting and the symmetry is thrown off. It looks like a job done too carelessly. In order to overcome this problem, the dimensions need to be measured correctly.

The installation team should take their time to measure the slabs and the surface correctly, only then it should be cut into slabs of desired lengths. The countertop will not be able to fit, if the dimensions are off, and maneuvering it to fit will only make it difficult for you and the installation team and it doesn’t look good either. The most frustrating part of it all is that it is totally avoidable but people tend to make a mistake still, because of human error and lack.

Quartz is also a difficult stone to cut, so you should always double check the measurements before finally cutting it. You will save yourself from a big blunder.

The Wrong Color

You thought that the wrong dimensions look off-putting? Wait till you see a wrong quartz countertop color installed on your countertop surface. The wrong color totally throws the theme off and it looks extremely artificial. This is why you should take your time while choosing the right color. Color choosing is not something which needs to be done overnight. You need to think your way through and ask for multiple samples to match them with your existing kitchen interior. The countertop is going to stay there for a long time so make sure that you are choosing the color wisely and not rushing the process, because the wrong color can put you in a bad spot within no time at all.

The Wrong Installation Team

There are some installation teams which you swear by, and you trust their work ethic and skills without batting an eye. Then, comes the installation teams that screw things up and ruin your project. They are not professional or experienced enough to tackle the job on hand, and they end up creating a lot of problems for you. So, make sure you steer clear of these peoples who pretend to be professionals but their work shows otherwise. You cannot trust the installation process of quartz work tops with such amateur people.

Using The Wrong Blade

As mentioned above, quartz is a very durable material. It is not cut with a regular steel blade. It will ruin the steel blade and the sides and edges of the quartz will look rough and uneven. Using the right blade makes all of the difference in cutting, which is why you should use a diamond blade to cut the quartz into the right dimensions. Diamond is a hard material too and this is the only rock which is able to cut through quartz like butter. Other knives might give up soon and can damage the quartz slab as well.


Seams are inevitable if we are talking about slabs. How you overcome these seams and make them look less noticeable is a win on your end. Your installation team plays a huge role in seam sealing and how they are able to make the seams look almost invisible to the naked eye. Too much seams can look very unappealing and it overwrites the smoothness of quartz, which this stone is popularly known for. So, if your slabs are showing too much seams, then they are not installed in the correct way.

With these tips, your countertops will look flawless and will last longer too. All it takes is some time, patience and the right quartz countertop installer Potomac. So, if you have hired a good installer, your job is almost done. You just have to choose the right quartz countertop design and color and you are good to go.

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