How to Take Care of Your Car’s Windows?

How to Take Care of Your Car’s Windows?

Driving a new car can be very exciting. This is because the storefronts, scenic views, and pedestrians on the street, all look very crisp and clear through your new car’s windows. In case you get a car window tinting, the results will further get enhanced two times.

However, as time passes, the views do not look as sharp as they used to. In this regard, it is extremely important to take care of your car’s windows.

Do note that caring for car windows is far more than just cleaning. Things like scratches, stone chips, and sap can reduce the view of quality and can make the windows look pretty old.

Some care tips for your car’s windows

In this article, we introduce some major care tips for your car windows. These are extremely crucial for the long-term health and quality of the glass.

Clean the windows regularly

This is the very first, and perhaps, the most obvious tips. There are a number of things that can stick to your car other than dirt and bugs that need regular cleaning. These include bird droppings, hard spots from rainwater, and tree sap.

Avoid parking in the sunlight if possible

Most of the time, you cannot avoid the sunlight. However, in case you have an option to park in a shade, do that!

This is because direct sunlight can affect your car’s windows by weakening the glass. Furthermore, the heat from the sunlight will also reduce the life of the windshield and windows. At the same time, small microscopic cracks and chips will begin spreading out quickly due to the high temperature. Hence, sunlight damage can cause more car window damage that you can imagine!

Get your wiper blades replaced

With minimal cause, wipers can start wearing out or tearing. When the wiper blades get torn, they start leaving streaks of debris and dirt on the window.

Even when you have cleaned it all off manually, chances are that some sparkling glint will still remain on your car windshield and windows. In this regard, use a good glass cleaner. Apply the solution both on the inside and outside of the windows for best results.

Moreover, when the metal strips become exposed, they can result in very fine scratches that will build over time. These scratches will be permanent, and hence, they will never go away.

One a lot of damage has been done, your only solution would be a replacement of the windscreen. So make sure that your wiper blades are fully maintained and are in the best shape possible. In case they are not, get them replaced/repaired as soon as possible. Certainly, it would cost you lesser than an entire windshield replacement.

Keep a safe distance from the traffic

When you are driving, the back tires constantly kick off small pebbles and dirt. If you are driving very close to the vehicle in front of you, chances are that the vehicle is throwing dirt and fine particles straight on to your windshield and windows.

Over a period of time, the fine particles scratch the surface of your car windows resulting in a glimmer from the rash. This glimmer can be very distracting, especially when the sun is shining on it directly.

Can fine airborne particles also damage your car’s body?

Yes, these fine particles can also damage your car’s paint and the body. As a result of this, your new car’s body shine will slowly begin to fade away. A good solution to prevent this would be to take your car to paint protection film installers Springfield. Take help from skilled technicians, an install a protective film on your car’s body. This film will prevent the paint underneath, allowing your car to retain its natural shine.


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