Is hysterectomy essential for you?

Is hysterectomy essential for you?

Till 1980s hysterectomy was the most common major surgical procedure performed on woman. Now it has gone to the second position as caesarean section has occupied the first position. This is an alarming statistics. The reasons for doing so many hysterectomies are also alarming. Hysterectomy is often performed to remove endometriosis in the uteruses and at times it is performed to stop menstrual cycles.

Before opting for this procedure, it is better to have a good understanding about what is involved in this procedure. Remember that, hysterectomy does not provide any guarantee for relief from the consequence of endometriosis.  After this surgery, in many cases, the entire endometriosis is not removed.

It will be beneficial to read and understand the reviews written by previous patients who have undergone this surgery. It will also be beneficial if you can take a second opinion from other experts in this subject before finally deciding to opt for hysterectomy. You can also join an endometriosis group and discuss other aspects related to this surgery like side effects, cost involved, risk factor etc.

Natural treatments for endometriosis

Selected herbal medicines have been found to be very helpful to maintain the required hormone levels in the body of the patient. There are also herbal medicines for strengthening the immune system to combat the disease. Like all other medications, herbal medicines also require sufficient time to bring out the affects of the medication. ProSmooth is a synergistic herbal product which has been found to be useful to reduce irritability, breast pain, mood swings, pelvic cramps, uterine fibroids etc. This formula help in eliminating the excess estrogen produced from environmental disruptors like xenosteriods. This medication has now become a recognized herbal treatment to treat endometriosis.

Progensa 20 is a bioidentical progesterone cream that is helpful in decreasing estrogen stimulus. Estrogen encourages proliferation of endometrial cell and allows accumulation of blood vessels in the fibroid.

Diet plan and nutrition are very important in reducing the formation of endometriosis. Reducing preservatives, caffeine, red meats, unrefined carbohydrates etc are considered very helpful in preventing or reducing the symptoms of endometriosis. Anti-inflammatory diets can reduce symptoms and promote hormone balance.

Healthy diet is the best non invasive means for improving the general health of a person. Before taking any final decision consultation with your medical practitioner is very important as he will be the best person to give a real picture of the entire problems and its solutions available in the present day.

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