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How To Remove Sand From Water

How To Remove Sand From Water

Supply water can have many impurities in it and one of them is sand. Sand not only makes the water look brown and murky, but it also imparts an earthy taste to the water. A whole house water filtration system can remove sand from water leaving you clear water. Anyways, here are some ways by which you can remove sand from your water.

Use Sand Filters

There are special filters available especially to remove sand from water. These filters are similar to the ones you use normally, but the difference is that they are more dense and they can remove the biggest and the tiniest pieces of sand from the water. These filters can be fitted on the tap or wherever your supply water comes from and then they will work their magic.

These filters need to be changed a lot more frequently because sand can be accumulated in the filter and if there’s too much sand in the filter, it may escape with the water and make your water sandy again.

Centrifugal Sand Separator

This separation process uses the concept of simple physics. This method is commonly used in well water filtration because well water tends to have a lot of sediments in it. The water is pushed into a tube-like separator and then it is spun on its axis.

This allows the sand and sediments to be thrown to the corner of the separator walls and then these sediments are trickled down at the bottom. What you are left with, is clean and sand-free water which can be used for just about anything like drinking, cooking, and making ice.

Sediment Filtration Cartridge System

This is also similar to sand filters but think of them as being heavy-duty filters being used on a large scale. It is used in commercial wells, but it can also be used for domestic water filtration. What it does is allows the water to come through a large cylinder that has thick walls.

The small sand particles are stopped by a screen-like filter and then the bigger ones are stopped at a different level. The filters are like a cartridge and they help to get rid of sand particles in layers so that every last sediment is removed.

Backwash Cartridge System

This method is similar to the centrifugal sand separation process, but the difference is that the flow of the water is not controlled by this cartridge filter. It stops dirt, sand, and rust from coming into the water and it has valves that help backwash the unwanted sediments in the water.

The process involves the water coming in a tube or cylinder and then valves are operating to remove the sediments through backwashing. This removes the sediments and you are left with clean water. The speed of the flow can be controlled manually.

Filter Screens

This is also a great way to get rid of sediments in the water if their size is too big. There are filter screens available for different sediment sizes and they are perfect for removing the sand from the water. This is very similar to a sieve. All of the sediments will be captured on the screen and the water will flow from the screen and it will be clean. You can try this method out if the sediment size is bigger and it needs to be removed from the supply water.

Casing The Well

Let’s say your water is coming from a well. Well water can have a lot of sand and impurities in it. These sediments may be from the walls surrounding the well. This means that the walls of the well aren’t secure enough. This is where you will need to case the well.

Casing the well is cementing the walls of the well if the walls are made out of loose and lightly packed sediments. This is a great way to keep the sediments out of the water and you will see for yourself how much cleaner the water is, once you case the well.


There you have it! These ways are effective and foolproof when it comes to removing sand from your water and making it safe for drinking and other uses. All water filtration systems Erie remove sand from water so you can choose any filtration system that suits your needs.

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