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Quartz Vs Wood Countertops – What Are The Major Difference Between Them

Quartz Vs Wood Countertops – What Are The Major Difference Between Them

We all know countertops are vital part of our kitchens. They look stylish, chic and are extremely functional. When choosing countertops for your kitchen, you have to keep a lot of things in mind. Today, we will be comparing wooden countertops with quartz kitchen countertops, covering everything from their familiarity, to their functionality and their differences.

Wooden Countertops

Wood is a classic piece of décor. Wooden floors, wooden furniture, wooden art work, etc. look extremely classic and timeless. Hardwood never goes out of style. So, does wood hold the same rank in the kitchen, like in every other room? Before drawing any conclusions, let’s talk about wooden countertops and how famous they are in the kitchen.

First of all, wooden countertops add to the rustic look which is difficult for any natural or engineered stone countertops. Wood is all about style and adding that vintage but classic look to any space.

Wooden countertops are very famous in the bathroom and in the kitchen. They have a beautiful and warm appearance, which completes every room. Wooden countertops are also very resistant to cracks and breakage. Because wooden countertops are made with thick and engineered wood, they last for a long time and they don’t break or crack very easily, which is why they are a very good option in the kid’s bathroom, or in a kitchen where there is a lot of child traffic. No one likes side cracked countertops.

Another great thing about wooden countertops is that they go with every design and décor. You don’t need to worry about the color scheme, whatsoever. Wood blends in beautifully.

Cons of Wood Countertops

Now, let’s talk about the dark and not-so-good side of wood countertops. First and foremost, wood countertops are not water resistant. They can absorb water very quickly and they can form molds and weak spots in it. So, it is questionable to install it in kitchens and bathrooms, where water usage is extremely high. This can be fixed, if you treat your wood with a protective sealing agent. This will make the wood somewhat waterproof.

Another drawback to wood countertops is that wood is very difficult to clean. It is not a smooth surface, so it will be very hard to clean, if dust and dirt collects on it.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a whole new addition in the materials used for countertops, and let’s just say that the position of quartz as a start-up is quite strong already. People love to opt for quartz as the material for their countertops. They look very regal and royal, and there is a variety of colors to choose from. They have a lustrous and marble-like appearance to them, which makes quartz more demanding in the market.

One of the great things about this kitchen countertop material is that it is a breeze to clean. Because of its shiny and lustrous appearance, you can’t see the dirt and debris collect on it, it is only visible if the underlying quartz is of a darker color. Also, because of its marble like luster, a cleaning cloth will glide on the surface like butter.

Quartz is also water resistant, unlike wood. Quartz will repel water away from its pores and you can easily clean away the water present on top of the quartz. So, quartz is free from all sorts of bacteria and molds.

It is also maintenance free and doesn’t need any protective coating, like wooden countertops, for a better shelf life. It is clearly the best option for countertops, but nothing is flawless.

Cons of Quartz Countertops

Talking about the cons, quartz also has quite a couple. Quartz does clash with certain indoor décor and it needs to be strategically designed so that it complements the room. Also, one big con of quartz countertops is the price.

Quartz is a very expensive material for countertops, which is why people normally stay at bay from quartz countertops. Some people also prefer making other countertops look like quartz, but the seemingly visible difference is, regardless, there and it doesn’t, completely, look like quartz either.


Quartz is an expensive option, but if you want to bite the bullet, then it is worth the money. Quartz worktops Potomac MD are long lasting, and they will look just as stunning years after. Wood countertops on the other hand have limited scope as they work for those going for rustic look.


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