Can hair transplant scars be removed?

Can hair transplant scars be removed?

A scar on the back side of your head is the usual accompaniment of a hair restoration procedure. Some people find it acceptable as they already have re-gained natural looking hair on their bald head.  But there are some others who consider this as unbearable and therefore always show a disgusted look.  Now let us take a look at the procedures and steps followed by experts to avoid or clear this unwelcome situation.

All you need to know about hair transplantation

Scar appears in the cases where donor hair is removed by making a linear incision on the scalp where there is sufficient hair.  This incision can be long and may extend from ear to ear.  For people with short hair style this can be problematic as it makes the scar visible. Further as no hair grows in this area the situation worsens.

By allowing hair to grow a few more inches more in the adjacent areas,  this problem can be handled and the scar can be concealed. Since there are some people who are not happy with long hair styles, doctors have developed alternative methods.

One thing to be noted is that no hair transplant and repair methods can guarantee 100 % removal of the scars.  Removing the scar can still create scars in another area as the process includes incision. However the new one will be less visible as it will be of lesser width. For people with scars less than a width of four inches after hair restoration are likely to have better results. But if the candidate is not careful and show some kind of laxity, the scar may get widened.

Hair transplantation surgery

Another technique used for removing the scar is the use of tricophytic closure technique.  This technique allows hair to grow over the area where the scar is seen.  Transplanting hair to the scarred region is another viable option. For preventing additional scarring the hair for transplant purpose to cover the scars is obtained by follicular unit extraction method. For this purpose a special instrument which creates circular incisions in the area and removes hair in follicular units is used.  Multiple sessions are usually required to completely cover the area. This is a permanent solution as well as a cost effective solution.

The best thing one can do for avoiding scars after hair transplant is to get the hair transplantation completed following follicular extraction method. Though it may be little more costly, this method prevents scarring. The tiny scars produced in this method will not be visible for naked eyes.

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