Whether to buy a silk rug or a wool rug?

Whether to buy a silk rug or a wool rug?

Many home owners might be having fancy dreams of buying a silk carpet and placing it in their living rooms. Persian antique rugs are well known for their elaborate patterns and floral or symbolic designs. Its shining nature often defines bold statement in the room where it is spread.

Things to know about Persian antique rugs

On the other hand wool carpet will mesmerize you by its soft and fuzzy appearance and its ability to warm in the cold season.  The decision to buy either silk or wool carpet from silk rugs near me shops is often based on the circumstances and the personal interests of the house owner. I am going to discuss below few comparison of the important properties of each of these materials when used as rugs. It will definitely help you to reach your final decision regarding the selection of the rug needed for your family use.

Buying silk rugs

The wool rug and the silk rug available in the rug shops are made following different procedures.

During shearing wool is harvested from sheep. Wool can be harvested many times as it is a renewable resource. This is the reason for the comparatively low price of wool rugs. This is the reason why wool is comfy and soft.

Harvesting methods of silk and wool are completely different. Silk is collected from silk worm which eat leaves of mulberry. Silk harvested by workers from thousands of cocoons are used by the rug maker for making a single silk rug. Silk carpets have a shiny appearance and the color can change when light falls on it. Silk’s source is not renewable as the silk worms are killed in the process of silk harvesting.

Woolen rugs

Wool rugs are stronger and thicker compared to silk carpets. It can endure about 20,000 bends without ever causing to break. Similarly a wool rug can be washed with detergent by anyone in his home. It is suitable for high traffic area as it can withstand higher foot traffic. It will last at least for 50 years and may last longer if proper care is given in the maintenance. It does not get filled with dust mites.

Wool carpet is good for a business building as it is fire safe. It the building catches fire the wool rug may get ignited but it will die out as soon as the fire in the building goes out.  The rug will not be completely destroyed as it only curls under fire.

A wool hair on examination in a microscope can be seen as covered with protein scales. This is the reason for the elasticity and the quick bouncing back to its original shape after being stretched. This is why natural wool is more durable than artificial wool hair

Silk is a delicate material when compared to wool. It can get easily torn if constantly walked over.  It can endure only around 8000 bends. Silk rugs get dirty faster and professional cleaning will be required to for cleaning the dirt. Silk rug is not fire safe.   It gets ignited fast and burns at a faster rate.

Both silk as well as wool is energy efficient. Wool carpets are still better in trapping heat and protecting it from being transported between rooms. Thicker piles provide more insulation power. Putting silk rugs on floor is not advisable as they will get dirty soon.

Allergic properties

Both wool and silk rugs have hypoallergenic properties that helps them to be safe with allergic people.  Wool is a material that is soft and gently to skin and is having hypo allergic properties. It does not worsen the existing allergy condition or cause irritation to the skin. It absorbs moisture and creates the environment suitable for the thriving of dust mite. Silk contains sericin and therefore it is

Wool rug needs vacuuming once in every two weeks. It is better to use low or medium power during vacuuming. Wool carpet is heavy and cannot be carried by a single person.  2-3 persons are required to move it to another place in your house. When you are moving house you will have to hire a truck for this purpose. Silk rugs are difficult to clean. A feather duster will be needed to dust it. Brooms can be used to sweep it. Silk should not be exposed to stream water or warm water. They are light in weight and can be easily moved to any place. You can easily carry it in your car and move it to wherever you want. These facts have to be considered before deciding to buy tribal rugs VA comprising of silk rugs, wool rugs etc.

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