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6 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas That Are Irresistible

6 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas That Are Irresistible

An outdoor fire pit has always been a favorite place of everyone to spend chilly winter evenings and nights with your loved ones. And if some professional pergolas contractor designs it, then you are definitely going to love it more.

Below are few ideas used by these professionals to design outdoor fire pits.

Keep It Simple and Follow Same Color Theme

Simplicity always look elegant and following the same color theme for seating arrangements and fire pit will definitely take the elegance to next level. For instance, whitish golden or different shades of gray color for seats, fire pit and the flooring tiles will look extremely beautiful. You can keep dark colored cushions with light colored furniture to give it a cozy feel. Also, fire pit can be placed in the center with a bowl shape having the same color of seats or you can design it in front of seats in a rectangular shape with the same color of course.

Play With Rocks and Stones

Designing fire pits with rocks and stone is a very old style yet a perfect one to use in any modern era. You can set a border for fire pit area using stones or pebbles and you can also make a walkway with pebbles from your backyard or front yard to the fire pit area. And also, if you are too fond of rocks then you can use fixed furniture made of stones as well along with a bowl shaped or a well type fire pit made of large rocks. This looks too classy and adding a slow music tunes in the background while having a hot cup of coffee and peanuts with your loved ones will make an amazing combination.

Use Decks with Elegant Furniture

When you want an elegant look with minimum investment then using decks is a perfect thing to go for. First of all, mark a limited area in your backyard better in square shape and use decks on each side having half length of those sides. Keep them on corners of each side and use your old sofa cushions to place over decks. Keep a bowl-shaped fire pit made of cast iron on center of that marked area, and here you go with an elegant fire pit area. You can also use cheap tiles to make your flooring look better but make sure to match the color of tiles with your furniture to keep the look simple and elegant.

Use Hanging Lights and Beautiful Flowers in Surroundings

This is another beautiful way of designing your fire pit area when you have a large lawn in your backyard. It is better to set your fire pit near trees or plants having beautiful flowers as their scents in chilly evenings create a very relaxing ambience to have quality time with your loved ones. Also, you can do some renovation there and use hanging lights or candle holders with scented candles set on trees. This will make it look more beautiful and relaxing feel in your free time.

Use In-ground Fire Pit and Furniture

Just like Swimming pools, you can also build in-ground fire pits and furniture using tiles or stones as per your priority. It looks very classy when you build them at one corner of your lawn which is nearest to the door of your backyard. Again, a walkway made of pebbles or tiles can also be used to give it a professionally designed look while you can choose color theme as per your choice. Generally, colors like cement gray, black, white, skin brown colors are used for this purpose to give it a classical touch.

Use Comfy Sofas and Umbrellas for Fancy Touch

If you want to add some fancy and elite touch to your fire pit area, then you can hire an outdoor fireplace builder and guide him about your requirements and expectations or you can add pergolas by hiring a custom pergolas builder Long Island. These professionals have the best knowledge of following a good color theme and perfect materials keeping your expectations up to the mark. For instance, they will use white colored comfy sofas and black umbrella shades which sounds best option to go for. Also, using deck floor having wooden texture with rectangular cast ironed fire pit in black color at center would also look very pretty for this overall theme.

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