How To Increase Google Reviews Of Your Gym Or Fitness Center

How To Increase Google Reviews Of Your Gym Or Fitness Center

Online reviews are the best way to get more potential customers and build your existing customers’ trust. Seeing this fact, Google provides “Google Reviews” that are the meaning of securing local ranking for your business. You can do it by getting reviews and managing them using review generation software.

One of the most important things about Google reviews is its transparency. They are with no doubt, trust-worthy for all the customers worldwide. People trust Google reviews more than any site. It is because Google does not allow the reviewers to be anonymous or fake, leaving no space for suspects.

Being a gym trainer, you need online reviews to rank your website on Google. Moreover, it helps build your reputation. Here’s what you need to know about increasing your fitness center’s Google reviews.

Set Up Your Review Link

First of all, you need to register your business on Google My Business to get the link for reviews. Make it easy for the customers by providing them a direct link to your Google business page. Plus, add a Google review page to your website.

So, whenever you send an email to your customer thanking them for their purchase, add a link to your review page as well. It is because many happy customers want to review your services, but most of them do not do so because of the complexity of the task. Make it easy and direct for them.

Make It Easy For The Clients

Even providing the link in the email is not enough. The easier you make it for the clients to review your work, the more reviews you’ll get. There are many ways to do so, such as:

  • Personalizing your emails
  • Shortening the links
  • Explaining to customers how to do it

It’ll make your clients happy knowing that you personally know them when adding a personalized line in your auto emails. Ultimately, you’ll get a review.

Moreover, you can add a hyperlink to your Google review page on the homepage. It is because no matter how honest you’re about your services, if a client is not talking about them, you’re still suspected.

It is a positive gesture of yours explaining to your new clients how to review your services because if they don’t know, your help will make them know. And it’s a win-win for you.

Remind Them At The Right Times

You need to remind your clients frequently for leaving a review, and that too at the right times. Remind them when they seem happy about your services at the gym, such as reminding them in-person. Plus, use other following methods:

  • Remind them on the website
  • Through emails or when you have a conversation with them on call
  • Remind them through social media pages

A customized call-to-action option is the best way to remind your clients that they have to leave a review. Moreover, when you meet your client in-person, and you see them happy about reaching their fitness milestone, this is the right time, ask them to review your website.

Respond To The Negative Reviews

Want to build your positive image in front of your prospective clients? There is an easy way to do so. Respond to the negative reviews. You might think that what a single negative review can do compared to many positive online reviews, but you’re wrong. A single bad review can turn tables.

For someone who’s going through the reviews, a negative review is a suspect related to your services. And they might doubt your transparency and honesty. It’s the same as a black dot on white paper. You can’t hide it; the eyes scroll to the negative reviews by themselves.

Offer Incentives

You should know that there is a difference between buying a review and offering gifts in return for reviews. Buying a review is illegal, and Google reviews do not allow it. Plus, it might make your business suspicious.

While on the other side, offering incentives in return for the reviews is a helpful gesture. For instance, you can offer discounts in return for reviews. Or maybe some of your little products in a special offer.

Moreover, you can send cards as well, asking for online reviews. It leaves your kind gesture on the clients. Also, never forget to use digital marketing tools and review management system to make your marketing strategy a success.

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