5 Energy Saving Tips For Commercial Refrigerators

5 Energy Saving Tips For Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigerators play an important role in commercial restaurants keeping perishable products cold. As a result, these items consume a lot of electricity, which leads to high energy bills each month. With rising inflation and general costs, it is only right that business owners look for and practice energy-saving tips like scheduled commercial appliances repair to help reduce their monthly energy bills. Let’s discuss!

Be Careful Of Anti-Sweat Heaters

Anti-sweat heaters are employed in restaurants and commercial kitchens. They are used to avoid condensation and frost build-up on glass doors. Although they do a pretty good job, the problem lies in the fact that they can result in high energy costs if left on permanently. This is why it is important that you look out for their usage and ensure adaptive controls are installed that keep track of the usage and cut the power when heating is not needed.

Inspect The Seals

Even though commercial refrigerators will last several years as long as they are well-maintained, there will come a time sooner or later that the seals and gaskets will need to be replaced. The seals and gaskets are made of rubber, which means tiny cracks or holes can develop, leading to cool air escaping.

If you observe that the food stored inside is spoiling and there is nothing physically unusual with the refrigerator, it means the gaskets or seals have gone bad. You will need to thoroughly inspect the seals and make sure they are not cracked or damaged.

If they are, you will need to contact a professional, who will replace them to keep warm air from entering the refrigerator and spoiling expensive food items.

Ensure Proper Airflow

Commercial refrigerators are meant to store several food items at the same time, which means they are designed to be relatively bigger than the regular refrigerators found in homes. As a result, commercial refrigerators require proper airflow to maintain the right temperature. If the unit is placed near to other machines that release hot air or are installed too close to the wall, it will struggle to breathe.

This means the refrigerator will have to work harder than usual to maintain the temperature which is most likely to increase the energy costs.

Make Sure To Maintain

Maintenance is one of the key factors ensuring commercial refrigerators work at their optimum for years to come. However, as important as it may seem, maintenance is mostly ignored, which affects the overall lifespan of the unit. Every manufacturer recommends maintaining refrigerators at least once or twice a year, depending on the usage.

If the unit is left ignored, dirt and dust accumulation take place on the condenser and evaporator coils, which makes it difficult to disperse heat. This leads to the components overheating and the entire unit consuming more electricity than usual.

This is why it is important that you get your commercial refrigerator thoroughly cleaned and maintained by a professional. In addition to cleaning, the professional will ensure that any damages or potentially faulty components are replaced or repaired.

Adjust The Temperature

Different commercial refrigerators require different temperature settings based on the types of food stored and the purpose. Refrigerators designed to store drinks are adjusted to different temperatures than the units designed to store food items.

This means that you should regularly check the temperature of the refrigerator by using a thermometer to ensure the temperature is appropriate. If the refrigerator comes with a built-in thermostat, you will need to make sure it is working perfectly.

Sometimes, thermostats tend to display faulty readings due to weak batteries or incorrect calibration. In such a case, the unit will not be able to communicate properly with the thermostat leading to higher energy consumption.

If that happens to be the case, try replacing the batteries or consulting an expert to calibrate the thermostat.

Final Word

By following the tips mentioned above, not only can you save energy but also avoid unnecessary repairs or replacements. This will help keep your equipment reliable so that your business can strive without experiencing regular breakdowns.

Moreover, make sure you have trained your staff to clean the refrigerator regularly. And for keeping your commercial refrigerator energy efficient, never forget to perform repairs and mainteinace on time by using commercial refrigerators repairs Fairfax services.

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