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What Are The Dangers Of Cutting Down Trees

What Are The Dangers Of Cutting Down Trees

Cutting down trees is a dangerous job. There have been several incidents in the past where even the professionals have lost their lives or suffered from severe injuries with trees falling over them. Depending on the situation, sometimes cutting down a tree with the aid of tree removal services is the only option. However, you cannot ignore the dangers that come with the job as well. Let’s discuss!

Primary Dangers

Falling Trees/Branches

Perhaps the biggest danger with cutting trees is the possibility of them or the branches falling over the individual as well as the team on the ground. From the outside, it might seem as if the branches won’t cause any harm but if they were to fall on your head, it can lead to severe brain injuries. This is why large branches need to be cut into small pieces first.

In addition to that, it is also important that the you regularly prune and trim trees so that the large branches do not pose a serious threat to the properties in the surrounding area. During times of extreme winds and thunderstorms, these branches along with the trees can easily uproot and fly straight through the windows and walls, etc.

Falling From Height

A second hazard working with trees, especially the large ones, is falling from a height. In fact, some states have stringent regulations pertaining to tree cutting to prevent serious injuries or damage. For instance, the team cutting the tree is required to wear a proper safety suit and maintain their tools to avoid accidents.

Keep in mind that the tree felling process is unpredictable no matter how well you have planned it beforehand. As the tree falls, it can suddenly change its direction. Therefore, experienced cutters carefully place cuts at different angles to ensure the tree falls in a safe area.

There have been several occasions where tree cutters have fallen from a height and ended up paralyzed due to spine injuries. This is why it is important to double-check the safety equipment and hire a team that does not rush with the project but instead takes its time.

Bees or Wasp Stings

If you have ever been stung by a bee or wasp, you must be well aware of how painful it is. And this is also the last thing you would want while climbing and cutting down a tree. Experienced cutters before cutting the tree perform a thorough inspection. The reason is that it might be that the tree is already weak or carrying a disease.

In such a case, approaching the tree using the same cutting technique will cause it to fall in an opposite direction to what you had in mind. In addition to that, it also might be that birds have laid their eggs and might attack.

With that said, you should be extra careful about the living beings resting at extreme heights. If you are attacked by bees or wasps, you can easily lose grip and fall down within seconds. Therefore, you would not want to take your chances by rushing into the task.

Electric Shock

If the tree in question is quite close to the power lines, you will need to make sure that everything goes according to the plan. Even a slight mistake can cause an electric shock, leading to severe burns. In many cases, the trees after being cut come in contact with the power lines, which ultimately shocks the tree cutter.

It also might be that a tree has fallen on a power line after a severe thunderstorm. In such a case, there is a huge chance of being electrocuted. Therefore, you will first need to contact the local authority and proceed once the situation has been cleared.


Unfortunately, almost half the world takes trees for granted. There is no doubt that trees play a vital role in our ecosystem. Therefore, cutting trees just for fun or making some money out of them is already causing rapid climate changes.

With that said, we must look after them to prevent uprooting/removal as they are only beneficial as long as they are thriving.

Final Word

Cutting down a tree has its ups and downs. Regardless of the situation, you need to practice safety rules to prevent serious accidents or hire expert tree cutting services Bethesda. Remember, the process might seem easy but the dangers are always worth considering.

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