12 Tips On How To Save Money On Your Wedding

12 Tips On How To Save Money On Your Wedding

When it comes to weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is an extravagant celebration that costs an arm and a leg. But by being a bit mindful of your budget and selecting venue, food, round table rentals and decor carefully, you can save big bucks! Following are some areas where savings can be made.

Reevaluate Who You Are Inviting

Don’t just go ahead and invite everyone because the more wedding guests you have to cater to, the higher will be your expenses. Carefully select those who you want to share in your happiness.

Have Your Wedding In The Off Seasons

Having your wedding when everyone else is having one too means you will have to compete for the best locations, vendors and dates. Avoid the expenses attached to these by going off season.

Book A Single Venue for Both Ceremony and Reception

It goes without saying that booking a single venue in place of two will cut your location expenses in half.

Schedule Your Wedding on Less Busy Days

Saturdays are the most in demand days to host a wedding, and booking locations and vendors on that day is going to cost you a lot more than if you moved it just one or two days up the week.

Go for Less Expensive Floral Décor and Arrangements

It may be a good idea to use lush greens instead of flowers for decoration purposes on your wedding, as it is not only cheaper it is currently very trendy as well. Something also in these days is swapping out the floral arrangements completely in favor of props, lighting and photos for décor.

If you are using flowers for wedding decor, cutting down on the amount and opting for less expensive variants, especially those grown locally and are in-season can help you save big bucks. Another thing to keep in mind is to limit your choice to just one or two types, so the florist can order them in bulk and further lower the burden on your wallet.

Opt for Appetizers Instead of a Full Course Buffet Dinner

Serving appetizers will keep guest’s hunger in check while saving you big bucks on arranging a complete meal solution come dinnertime. Make sure, however, that you have enough to go around for everyone.

Limit the Types of Drinks on Offer in Your Bar

No need to stock your bar with all those expensive brand names. Just having some simple drinks will save you a good amount of money.

Avoid Splurging Too Much on The Wedding Cake

One of the biggest areas of expenses when it comes to weddings is the cake. Many people believe in going for the biggest, most extravagant cake they can order, but believe us, your love will not be any less if you choose something normal. Have a basic one or two tier cake for the cutting ceremony and use a separate sheet cake for distributing among the guests. You’ll be amazed how much money you can save by following this one simple tip.

Keep the Invites Simple

No need to go overboard with the piece of paper that will simply be thrown away once the day is over. Keep it simple but elegant, and hence, cheap.

Don’t Overdo the Favors for Guests

Limit your favors to one or two things, and keep the items single. Nothing that exceeds your budget. Customized stationery is something that is both a cheap and practical gift to give your guests at a wedding.

Skip the Live Music

Having a live band of a dozen people means paying for each of them and their instruments. You can either limit your band size or cut it out altogether and go for a good DJ instead.

Hire Multi-Talented Professionals

Try getting people on board who can take care of multiple things on your big day. For example, someone who can do both videography and photos for reception, or a caterer cum decorator.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can easily cut down your wedding expenses to a fraction of the original cost without compromising a lot. Another way of staying within budget is to hire affordable wedding party rentals Maryland to sort most of the things out for you.

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