9 Steps To Follow For Scheduling Commercial HVAC Maintenance

9 Steps To Follow For Scheduling Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining your HVAC is a crucial part of owning an HVAC. It ensures that your HVAC unit keeps working flawlessly when you need it the most and you don’t need unexpected commercial air conditioning repair. Here is how you can go about scheduling a commercial HVAC maintenance.

Step No. 1 – Figure Out The Best Time To Schedule A Maintenance Visit

The ideal time to schedule your bi-annual AC maintenance is just before the start of summer season, when your HVAC will be used in full force to keep the heat out, and once again, before winter where the HVAC will be responsible for keeping the home warm and toasty.

Step No. 2 – Turn Off Your HVAC For At Least A Week Before Scheduling

If you have been using your HVAC before it is time for the bi annual maintenance, turn it off for a week so that the unit has time to cool down and stabilize, before you call a pro to carry out the inspection and maintenance.

Step No. 3 – Ask Your Friends & Family To Recommend A Trusted Company

The best way to learn about some professional HVAC maintenance providers is to seek a referral from those close to you, preferably those who had a recent experience dealing with such a company. You can trust their advice much more than someone on the internet.

Step No. 4 – Go Through Your List One By One And Research Them Online

Once you have compiled a list of four or five HVAC repair specialists that were recommended to you, it is time to do your own research on them to see if they are a good fit for you. Follow the below steps to shortlist the one that’s the most suitable.

Step No. 5 – Make Sure To Consider What Other Customers Have To Say

Check out past reviews on the company’s own site as well as on business review pages like Yelp, Google and Facebook to get a general idea about how good the company is with its claims.

Step No. 6 – See If They Have Any Third Party Accreditation Or Awards

One good way to recognize if an HVAC repair and maintenance provider is trustable is to look for any accreditation badges and awards from independent review bodies like Better Business Bureau, Consumer Report and other HVAC service specific names.

Step No. 7 – See To It That Their Address And Phone Number Are Legit

This is crucial. You do not want to work with a company that operates out of a truck. They must have a physical brick and mortar store as well as a human operated call center in case you want to get in touch with them during an emergency.

Step No. 8 – Call Them To Get A Quote And Inquire About Hidden Charges

The final thing you must make sure before deciding on a company is whether or not their services are even affordable. Also ask if their quote includes any hidden charges.

Step No. 9 – Schedule A Technical Visit At Your Time Of Choosing

Once you have gotten to this step with the company of your choice all that is left now is to get someone to visit your premises and look over your air conditioning system, & finalize the maintenance contract with them.

Maintaining an HVAC on a regular basis is extremely important, not just as a way to keep the unit operating as intended, but because it will also help with diagnosing any issues that may develop into bigger problems later on, so that they can be fixed on the spot. Keep in mind, however, that opening and servicing an HVAC unit is not something just about anyone can do.

The job requires expertise, training and experience, and a professional licensed HVAC technician is the only one who checks all these boxes. By following the above steps, you can make sure that the commercial AC repair service Plainview you are handing over your HVAC to is not just a sham, but they have the credentials to back up their resume, and that you can trust their decision without deliberation. The same unit in the hands of an unprofessional may end up breathing its last, so we vehemently oppose owners from hiring someone like that. Good luck!

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