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Everything About Chimney Relining You Should Know

Everything About Chimney Relining You Should Know

If you own a chimney and have looked up for its proper maintenance, you’d best know that there exist chimney relining services to fix the lining of your damage chimney. The lining of your chimney is bound to get torn and worn over the course of time, which can put your house in a dangerous position. To avoid that getting a new liner is extremely important. But before that there is still a lot you must know about chimney relining before deciding if you really need one.

What Does A Chimney Liner Do?

Liners are present at the inside walls of your chimney. They act protecting barrier for the walls of your chimney. If the walls are left exposed the gases and smoke will damage the walls by causing a lot of wear and tear. To avoid facing such problems chimney services line the insides of your chimney as to protect the mortar of building up creosote and grease that will harm you and your family with the help of a chimney lining company. They serve to increase the efficiency of your fireplace, keeping the fire burning as smoothly as possible.

How To Know If You Need A Chimney Relining?

If you do not already have the walls of your chimney lined and you think that you’re not in the need of it then you might want to think again. See if the mortar of the walls of your chimney are crumbling and cracking or grease is collecting up, you too are in need of lining to spare yourself the trouble of constant maintenance.

What Type Of Liner To Use?

If the previous liner wore away far quickly than you expected or you live in an old house where your chimney isn’t already lined, then here are a couple of options for you to choose from to help you decide what kind of lining to get:

Clay Tile Liners

Clay tile liners are one of the most conventional types of liners used. They are the least costly and far more durable than you would ever expect them to be. They require proper installation by the experts. They can last as long as 50 years or even more. After installation of clay tile liners the only maintenance required is that of periodic cleaning of the blockage in the chimney. They are very effective when it comes to enduring intense heat and grease made up from the smoke.

They wear overtime. When the tile are not able withstand the gases from the fire any longer the spaces between the tiles result in quite a lot of damage. They discharge toxic gases into the house and heat is transferred to other parts of the chimney that are just as likely to catch fire.

They are usually installed at the same time as the chimney is being built as they are fairly difficult to install in an already made chimney, especially in one that is not straight. The cost of tiles also vary depending upon the quality of the tiles.

Cast-In-Place Liners

Cast-in-place liners are basically cemented liners that are created by pouring the liquid cast directly on top of the mortar. Their exquisite insulating properties attribute in burning the fire long and good, along with withstanding intense heat, creosote buildup, condensation and acids.

Despite being a very resilient liner, most people tend to question their efficiency as it is being poured down the chimney. They can only last as long as 50 years until you need a relining.

Metal Flue Liners

Metal flue are the most recommended liners in the market and they come with a lifetime guarantee. They are made up of stainless steel and require experts for installation. They also come in many other types of metal apart from stainless steel, however stainless steel flue liners remain the most recommended ones by chimney repair services Upper Marlboro. They are the most stout yet flexible flue liners and are the most expensive amongst all the rest of the liners, and the installation charges don’t come in cheap too. But for liners that are of the best quality and require the least amount of maintenance, they are worth the investment.

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