8 Signs Your Commercial Deep Fryer Needs Repair

8 Signs Your Commercial Deep Fryer Needs Repair

Your commercial deep fryer may have some issues over time. This guide contains some of the signs which show that you need deep fryer repair and you should not delay it anymore.

Broken Thermopile

It is a fact that the thermopile in the deep dryer is one of the most critical components. It is a heating element and its function is to convert the thermal heat into electric energy. However, in the commercial kitchens the deep fryers are used very often and excessively. This can lead to thermopile issues. You will have to find out if the thermopile is broken and it can be done by checking the light. If it will turn on, it shows the issue is the broken thermopile.

Blocked Burners

When the burner is blocked, it causes the deep fryer not to function normally. It should be noted that the burner can get clogged with the food particles, remnants, dust and debris. All this causes blockage of the burner. If the burner does not light up at all or lights up partially, it is showing the possible issue. You should start cleaning the burner in order to keep it clog free for better performance. However, you should not try to fix the fuel lines as it must be solved by a certified repair service worker.

Faulty Thermostat

Thermostat in the commercial deep fryer is responsible for temperature and it maintains it. In other words, it provides the required heat and temperature. However, it may get faulty for various reasons. When it has some problems, the deep fryer will not work and you will notice problems with the deep fryer. It is said that the possible issues with the thermostat can be due to a faulty wire or connection. You should check it and fix the problem.

Malfunctioned High Limit Switch

Another very common problem which the deep fryer has is due to the defective or malfunctioned high temperature limit switch. Like other issues, it also affects the performance of your commercial deep fryer and will not allow it to work in the best condition. When the high temperature limit switch goes bad, it is unable to control the temperature and provide required heat. Thus, the deep fryer becomes faulty. It should be noted that you will have to replace the limit switch as it cannot be repaired.

Pilot Light Would Not Stay Lit

Apart from what we have discussed above, there are other reasons too which are also responsible for the poor performance of the deep fryer and show that it is time for repair. When the pilot light is not lit, it will not allow the burner to work properly. The heating issues occur. However, it is easy to fix the issue at home. According to the appliance repair experts, the possible reason for this problem is the faulty thermopile which will have to be replaced. But it should be done by a repair service.

Burners are Burning Out

Sometimes the burner is on, yet the gas is not igniting all around. When it was researched, the possible reason was clogging and blockage. This issue also requires help from a professional person who has good experience and understands the working parts of a deep fryer. If you want to fix this issue by yourself, you will need to take something to clean the burner orifice so that the debris is removed that is blocking it.

Temperature Would Not Stay Controlled

The temperature issue is very serious. In order to cook the food perfectly, the fryer oil must have suitable or required temperature. If it is low the food will remain uncooked, and the food will be burned if the temperature is high. So how to resolve this issue? This issue is occurring due to poor calibration of the thermostat. The wire can also have some problems. Resolving these issues will maintain the temperature.

Oil Filter Problems

Oil filter is another factor which you cannot ignore when the deep fryer has some issues. Actually, the oil filter helps circulate the oil. But when it goes out of order, it is an indication that your deep fryer needs repair. Therefore, you should get this problem resolved.


There are a number of signs or issues with the deep fryer which help you find out when it needs to be repaired. When to detect any of these signs, find a commercial kitchen appliance repair Springfield service to resolve them.

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