6 Corporate Event Planning Tips You Need

6 Corporate Event Planning Tips You Need

Corporate events are usually on a large scale and require very careful planning and execution because these events have a direct link on your business’s reputation and so profits, they are not graduation parties for sure. Due to this companies, make sure they choose the suppliers required for the event material like corporate tent rentals, canopies rentals and etc very carefully. To ensure that you are able to set up a remarkable corporate event below are a few tips.

Make Sure the Event Registration Process Is Automated

In the 21st century everything and almost every process of company has either already been automated or is in process of replacing the traditional paper work. Why is automation so important and why are people just opting for it? To answer this question better let’s look at the registration process of a corporate event. If this process is done manually then the organizational development department of any company will have to print numerous registration forms from which a few of them will either be printed wrong or filled wrong thus resulting in resource wastage.

Moreover once these forms have been filled by the participants and returned to HR then they will have to check if the information on each form meets the eligibility criteria or not. Once this has been done, careful filing of these forms will be required. This whole process will take a lot of time plus energy thus it’s always advisable to automate this process and make it online so that the attendees can access and fill their response at their convenience plus it’s easy to sort, search and record the date for the HR.

Gain Sponsors for a Lifetime

Sponsors are a key part of any corporate event, without them it will get very difficult to put up an event on a large scale. Why? Because sponsors provide finance! And event materials in some cases. Corporate events are not just a onetime thing, they take place on an ongoing basis so it’s always a smart thing to give a sponsor who might be required in all events let it be of any nature, like corporate tent rentals a wonderful experience. How to do this? Simply by sharing the attendee list with them prior to the event and briefing them about the whole plan, aiming for a win-win situation for both and giving timely feedback. This will help build long term relationship and this will benefit the company in numerous ways.

Chief Guest Is a Must

A chief guest who has a huge fan following and is somewhat linked to the purpose of the event, can be very advantageous for the success of the event. Also, don’t forget to market this chief guest appearance immensely.

Take Feedback from the Attendees After the Event

The word criticism has a negative connotation, however when it’s attached with positive which is ‘positive criticism’ then it becomes a positive thing. Make sure you always take feedback from the attendants regarding how much they liked the event and what improvements they think can be made next time. This positive criticism will help the company improve. Also, do not forget to make this survey online as well because remember if a responder fills it at his/her convenience then the response is more likely to be true.

Invite Influencers

Influencers are the new big thing in this modern era, they literally can make or break any company using their fan base. So make sure you use this power efficiently and invite a few of them to the event.

Choosing appropriate medium for marketing the event is compulsory

The success of an event is greatly dependent upon how it’s marketed which in simpler words mean how the information about the event is conveyed to the customer. Today social media marketing is the most highly rated medium so don’t forget to use it.

Always Plan for Emergencies

Remember emergencies can take place anytime any day so it’s always recommended to plan for them in advance, to avoid any chaos. Emergencies like canopy falling off even before the event, chief guest ditching at the last moment or system crashing down are just a few examples. Planning a backup for them like arranging a backup canopies rentals Rockland NY, a backup chief guest and a backup manual system is important.


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