How to lose weight in college?

How to lose weight in college?

Ah, it is college reopening time. All students including myself are rushing back to college not only to meet friends and enjoy life, but also to  get educated and to get a good job and live happier. This is the time when girls seek for rapid weight loss diets.

Weight loss tips for college girls

College is often a place where one gets many friends, gets first hand experiences  on many things and knows for the first time many wonderful feelings and emotions in the life. But, unfortunately, it is the place from where many youngsters tend to increase their weight and become obese persons in spite of clinging to rapid weight loss diets.

So, in this article, I am going to give you some tips to lose weight fast which I think will help you to keep your body weight stationary and in some cases will also help you to reduce the excess weight within a short period and return to normalcy. But I want to tell you in advance that the tips I am going to give you in this article res contrary to the so called health tips suggested by medical practitioners or obesity experts.

You might be surprised as you have heard several times your mom insisting you to have breakfast from the day you came out of her womb. But I am of the opinion that mom’s statement is not supported by any scientific evidence. Most students think that following rapid weight loss diets is essential for the proper working of the brain and other physical organs.

College life is full of headaches and hectic activities. Worrying about breakfast can only increase the stress on the student.  My advice is not to waste time for breakfast and create additional problems. In many colleges the breakfast sucks anyways. In my opinion a student can skip his lunch also thus enabling him to spend much time in the activity he or she is involved without breaking it in the middle for eating purpose. If these two important meals of a day are skipped one can enjoy a massive dinner at night. Take care to watch the calories at the end of the day.

Rapid weight loss diets

Skipping breakfast and lunch included in the tips to lose weight fast is not a difficult problem for the students. The real problem lies in convincing oneself that it is not a problem at all to skip breakfast and lunch if they add you benefits.  You have spent about 18-20 years eating breakfast and lunch properly and where have you reached now.

It has taken two years in my case to understand that breakfast and lunch are bullshits and turn to tips to lose weight programs. If you   are not convinced check some similar sites in which the experience stories of other people have been posted. There are some best seller books on fasting. There are some other top selling books which clearly debunk the pretty myths of breakfast, meal frequency and lunch.

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