Important reasons why teaching is considered as a great career worldwide?

Important reasons why teaching is considered as a great career worldwide?

These days one often sees articles about teacher student issues, teacher burnout, issues of the present education system, denial of administrative or parental support to teachers etc.  It is true that these articles reflect the real state and the challenges teachers are facing every day in the discharge of their duties.  In spite of all these there are teachers who love teaching and find great joy in being with their students. For those who think why teaching is considered as a great career, I would like to congratulate them and put forward some reasons which I consider as the important factors that make teaching a great career. I hope these factors will encourage the people who think about taking teaching as their dream career for their entire life.

Most teachers are fully satisfied in their work

Despite the challenges faced everyday by the teachers, many surveys conducted among the teacher, student, parent community show that most of the teachers like their job and are happy. The staffing and school survey conducted by national centre for statistics found that ninety percent of teachers who took part in the survey responded as very satisfied or satisfied with their career. Another survey conducted by America’s Best Teachers ascertained that most teachers feel proud and happy about the recognition and appreciation they are receiving from their students, parents and colleagues,   and their family members.

Teaching as profession is the most rewarding one

There are numerous reasons to show why teachers love their profession. Among the various reasons the most important one is the ability of the teachers to make difference in the student’s lives.  Teachers often report that the happy moments that they see in the life of their students during the school hours, is the most rewarding thing and happy thing in their life.  When teachers see that the students who were struggling with various problems, finally breakthrough and come out successfully, it  is the greatest reward and the satisfaction they derive from the motivating force in their career as a  teacher.

Teaching is a secured job

According CNBC television the teacher job is the least affected by economic struggle or other similar problems. The pay and perks of teachers are not affected by any ordinary economic problems and the most governments are keen about giving their payment on due date itself without any delay or laxity.  The new job openings are at par with national average. 1.4 million vacancies are expected during the period from 2014 to 2024in teaching field in USA.  A steady growth in this field is expected during the coming years also according to the study conducted by Bureau of statistics.

Teaching is full of un-measurable joys

The everyday silly and simple joys of teaching is unforgettable says teacher Jenna Wiley in her blog post titled the best profession is teaching.   This teacher tells that the sweetness shown by her students and the compliments they give selflessly or how the kids help her in classroom chores, or the joy they experience on the student’s birthday celebrations, or their camaraderie with the teachers   or the sense of wonder  of the students etc are unforgettable and cannot be substituted by anything in this world. There are many other instances like this which excites every teacher about their every day work.

Teacher position has got very good retirement benefits

Teachers are fortunate enough to get better retirement benefits compared to their counter parts. In addition to the retirement benefits the public school teachers are getting the benefits from contributions coming from different sources like the employer, the state etc.  In most states teachers are getting their benefits after the age of 55 if they have contributed for 30 years.

As a bottom line it can be said that teaching is a demanding and tough job. For those who love teaching and for those who dreams of bringing some changes in this world, teaching can be the most rewarding and satisfying job as he gets job satisfaction,  job security, enough remuneration and public acceptance and honour.

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