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5 Benefits Of Repointing A Chimney

5 Benefits Of Repointing A Chimney

Your chimney is a blessing in disguise in cold wintery nights when you can sit by the fireplace and soak in the warmth of the burning embers. But do you know that your chimney needs attention to its smallest details and ignoring chimney repair can lead to complete deterioration.

When you get your chimney constructed, it can last you for a century because it is made of brick and wood. In fact, the home you’re living in right now would have a chimney of at least 25 to 30 years old. So, you are carefree and do not realize that the masonry or the mortar that keeps the structure if the chimney intact has a life of maximum 25 years or even less depending on exterior conditions. Due to weather conditions, wear and tear and environmental factors the mortar which joins the brick may become deteriorated with time leading to loosening of the structure. This could lead to destruction of your chimney. So, what do you do? You get it repointed.

What Is Repointing A Chimney?

Taking out old and worn-out mortar and then fixing a new mortar to fix the structure if the chimney is repointing. It increases the longevity, appearance and strengthens the structure of the chimney and makes it more long lasting.

But it is not as easy as it looks because you will need to match the structure of the mortar, the texture, the permeability factor and the color so that the chimney has an appealing factor. Mismatched mortar will cause deterioration and look out of proportion.

Benefits Of Repointing Your Chimney

You Can Make Your Chimney Last Longer

Your chimney bricks can easily last for 100 years, however the mortar which is required to join the bricks can last only for maximum 25 years. This is due to constant exposure to harsh weather such as rainfall, storms, strong winds, environmental debris, small birds and animals, heat and other conditions. These factors cause damage to the mortars which get crumbly, cracks or falls off leading to empty spaces in the chimney causing the structure to become weak. If you do not resort to repointing, then overtime the damage will be irreparable and you will need to reconstruct your whole chimney. By repointing you can make your chimney long lasting and also renew it.

Cost Efficient

Repointing a chimney is far more affordable than to rebuild a whole new chimney. When your chimney gets damaged beyond repair, then you will need to construct a new chimney from scratch and it will get expensive. So, save yourself from future costs and get your chimney repointed whenever needed.

Make It Risk Free

When your chimney mortar gets cracked or falls off, then many gaps are visible and this weakens the structure of your chimney. With time more gaps appear which poses a danger to you, your property as well as the surroundings. In harsh conditions such as strong winds or storms, the chimney can fall off or the chimney bricks may fall. This is a threat to property and persons. So, get your chimney repointed as soon as you see cracks or gaps.

Prevents Seeping Moisture

When the chimney is not repaired, then water will enter through the gaps in the mortar leading to destruction of the interior chimney and the flue lining causing mildew and rotting of the structure of the chimney. Repointing prevents the seeping in of moisture. It is advised to apply a coat of sealant to restrict the entrance of water so even the mortar lasts longer.

Aesthetic Appeal

The structure of the chimney is renewed and looks fresh. It is again long lasting. The masonry of the chimney is again in its original and sturdy condition. The value of your home will also increase as proper words chimney adds to the curb appeal of your home.

Your chimney is also a part of your home and to constantly gain its benefits, you have to repair it constantly as well. Contact multiple chimney contractors Upper Marlboro and get quotes from them. You can choose the service with the lowest quote but we recommend that you should prefer expertise over cost of repairs so you can avoid frequent chimney repairs.

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