8 Ways You Can Save Money At Hair Salons

8 Ways You Can Save Money At Hair Salons

When it comes to hair care or hair styling, everyone knows the market value is far from cheap. Even the worst rated hair salons demand an arm and a leg after their services. Whether it’s a highlights or permanent hair straightening salon; services do not come in cheap. But not all who wander are lost; here are a few tips to help you save money at hair salons.

Don’t Buy Everything Your Stylists Say

Oftentimes hair stylists will give their unsolicited opinions on what treatments you should get done to counter the so-called hair problem they allegedly claim you have. For instance hair stylists will tell you that your hair desperately demand deep conditioning. There is a very likely chance that the only reason for why they are saying that is to lure you into paying more. Reply with a polite ‘no’ next time they try to convince you to get conditioning to already-very-healthy-hair.

Shampoo Before

Try to avoid making sudden plans before going to a hair salon. Always plan you options beforehand and prepare yourself first. Don’t just walk in with dirty, greasy hair that is screaming for shampooing. You hairstylists won’t be able to work with grease in hair and will want you to shampoo, which will obviously lead to additional tip. Prepare yourself ahead of time by deeply shampooing your roots and leaving no room for your hair stylist to nit-pick any flaw.

Don’t Buy Their Product

If you fall into another trap of theirs which includes buying their products then you better know that you are literally throwing away the extra money they are charging you for. Before buying their products, do your research online and see if the prices of the products you are interested in come in cheap stores or online.

Experienced Hairstylist is Expensive

As wise as it may sound to ask for a very experienced hair stylist; you might be causing yourself the trouble of paying extra than necessary. You’d much rather ask for any other hair stylist to style your hair. Asking for an experienced, in demand hair stylists will charge you an arm and a leg for the same hair style an average hair stylist can help you get at a much cheaper price.

Take Beauty Courses

Taking hair styling courses that include simple cutting, dyeing, hair-care etc. will spare you the visits to hair salons. Investing a couple of dollars on a course will help you in the long run as you would be able to provide yourself with similar results as any hair stylist would.

Skip the Blow Dry

You might have noticed if you ever had a haircut at a hair salon that getting a haircut only takes a short time. The most time consuming part of the haircut is the blow dry. As much as the blow dry is the best part of a haircut, you can save a little cash by sparing your hair from the blow dry. Your blow dry only lasts 2-3 days anyway, so if there isn’t some special event you have got to attend, skip the blow dry.

Don’t Go For a High Maintenance Haircut

Opting for a particular type of haircut is crucial for when you are trying to save cash or are running low on budget. If you get a haircut that requires frequent trims or touch ups then you are only causing unnecessary strain on your pocket. A simple, neat, low maintenance haircut which doesn’t require a lot of visitation to the salon will serve you just as fine.

Go For Balayage

Balayage is a hair dyeing technique in which the hair stylists dye you hair in such a manner that they look almost natural. Not many people opt for it because let’s be honest natural looking hair is clichéd. But opting for balayage is actually much cheaper than the dyes that make use of foils and other accessories to help you achieve the professionally done hair. Balayage will make your hair grow-out easier and thus spare you from frequent visits to hair salons.

That’s it. These tips will save you money on your next visit to hair salons specializing in color Rockville. Good luck!

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