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5 Beautiful Brick Patio Design Ideas

5 Beautiful Brick Patio Design Ideas

Patios made out of real brick are more natural looking and resilient, and for that very reason, picky homeowners love to get brick patios made by backyard patio builders. On top of this, brick patios can also be affordable and DIY friendly. There are two main methods that you can learn to lay down a brick patio yourself.

For the homeowners looking to decide a great shape for their brick patio, here are some awesome looking and unique brick patio design ideas they can try.

Straight Set Brick Pattern

In this elegant straight brick pattern patio design, you simply place the bricks in straight horizontal rows. This is an easy to make brick patio design that never looks old. Since this pattern is really simple, there are no complex calculations needed before starting the project, and the bricks will not need to be broken down in order to be installed in place. Horizontal straight pattern looks great on patios that are placed on a large area.

For small patios, vertical pattern works the best. This design has something in it that makes the patio look bigger than it actually is.

Running Bond Pattern

If you are into contemporary brick patios, you can choose to make a running bond pattern when making your patio in order to make it visually pleasing. In this pattern, the traditional 50% rule is applied. In this, bricks are laid horizontally in a line so that one brick’s joint lines up in the center of the bricks above and below it. If you need a more modern look, you can go with the 33% offset.

Keep in mind that both of the designs mentioned above will need partial bricks in order to fill the gaps that full bricks can’t fit into. This means you will need to cut some of the bricks before placing them. An angle grinder can be used for this purpose.

Whorl Pattern

Most of the traditional brick patio designs are boxy, and can be easily installed. However, the designs like whorls and are a bit complex to plan and make. Making a whorl pattern is your best bet especially if you have a round patio. This pattern helps you draw attention to a central thing inside the patio.

Whorled brick patio design can be made by placing bricks in the form of concentric circles. The bricks are oriented horizontally in this pattern. Slivers of bricks are used to fill any gaps in between the lines of bricks. That is what makes this patio a bit complex to make, and you will have to do some measurements before starting it.

Make Edges On The Garden Beds

If you have in-ground flower beds or shade trees in your yard lining up with your patio, then you can make edges of that thing in order to mix it in the patio and give a uniform look. These edges are not only decorative, but they also keep your feet away from the soil of garden beds. This keeps the soil safe from compacting which can damage the plants over time.

Snails and other predators will also have a hard time getting into the garden beds when they are lined up with bricks.

Exterior Brick Siding

Making a nice looking exterior brick siding can help you make a more subtle transition from your house’s sides to the patio. Having a brick siding is even better if you already have a brick patio. Brick is made out of natural materials and it does not rot with time. The thickness can vary depending on your budget, but it certainly is a more affordable and reliable method of making your house look elegant.

Maintenance Is Very Important

Brick patios require a lot less maintenance as compared to some of the alternative patio materials, but you will still need to provide it with some maintenance at the very least.

  • Invest in a broom with angle cut bristles and keep the patio clean of any debris that might start accumulating on it.
  • Bricks can fade in color over time due to the dust absorbed onto their surface. So, rent a pressure washer every couple of years and deep clean the patio to restore its real color and shine.

For a long lasting brick patio, hire reputable patio contractors Long Island that have proven experience.

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