What Are The Main Types Of Permanent Hair Straightening

What Are The Main Types Of Permanent Hair Straightening

People like to have perfectly and consummately straight hair as it adds a lot of grace and finesse to their personality. Some people want it temporarily while some people go to hair straightening salons for permanent straightening treatment. When it comes to permanent hair straightening, there are many facets to unfold.

Professional Permanent Straightening

A thorough chemical process that has the tendency to permanently alter the hair follicle is used in this process. Perms are at times used to create curls in hair that don’t naturally have it, but they can also be used to accomplish something otherwise. Perms can, for sure, give you a curl-free and a frizz-free hair look.

Perms can be done in one go that generally takes a couple of hours. The cost of a perm never goes fixed, it varies from salon to salon and the length and volume of your hair has a great role to play here. According to a rough estimate, prices start from $50 and go up to a whole new level.

DIY Perms

If you don’t want to lose your money at some professional’s hand, there’s a cool way of saving it. Well, as it goes without saying, there are DIYs for almost everything these days. Yes, there are some do-it-yourself perms for hair too but they can’t be easily handled by anyone and everyone. With a layman’s knowledge, you are likely to ruin your thin hair if you buy a DIY straightening.

There are so many relaxant kits available in the market and they are not worth more than 15-20 dollars. Buy them if you think you are a pro at this work and give yourself a perfectly straight hair-cut.

Semi Permanent Hair Straightening

Now when it comes to semi-permanent hair straightening techniques mostly used at salons, two of the most popular ones that flash right across your mind are:

Keratin: Keratin is one of the most decorated semi-permanent hair straightening methods and it is loved across a variety of populaces. Keratin treatment does magic to your hair and your tangled-up and all the more frizzy hair becomes smooth and subtle in no time; they are perfectly straight in the wink of an eye. The results of keratin treatment last for 3 to 4 months and then your hair is back to normal because the chemicals involved in this process don’t tend to change the prototype of your hair.

Brazilian Blowout: Although the process is different and the chemicals and ingredients used in it are quite different, the result and services it provides is quite the same. The only difference you’d find between the two types of semi-permanent hair straightening is, Brazilian blowout gives a result that stays for about 6 months — almost double than what you expect from a keratin.

Thermal Hair Straightening

Thermal hair straightening is quite similar to what we discussed earlier i.e: perms. It is also known as acid perm and more complications are involved in this process — this is what sets it apart from other salon-centric straightening techniques. It is by far the costliest straightening technique across the board. It begins from $200 and goes all the way up to $800. This one reason is good enough to make you feel floopy about getting the treatment done to your hair.

The time period for which you have to stay in the salon is also quite unique and unexpectedly lengthy. You would get bound to be seated in one place for 5-6 hours. Now, here’s where you need to ask your body to give a go-ahead. You can certainly end up getting all tired.

Risks Involved in Getting Your Hair Permanently Straightened

If your hair is normal and healthy, there’s no risk that you need to be conscious about. In case, your hair is overwhelmingly bleached or heavily coiled curls, this process may damage your hair in one way or the other. At times, a mass hair breakage can also turn up. If your hair has not been processed a number of times, you are good to go but if you suspect your hair are vulnerable, you do not need to put yourself at risk. Do ask about the side effects of the treatment from your Brazilian keratin salon Rockville before getting any hair straightening treatment.

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