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6 Heat Pump Maintenance Tips You Should Know

6 Heat Pump Maintenance Tips You Should Know

When your heat pump stops working efficiently then it’s about time to contact heat pump repair services. Here is what you need to know about heat pumps and its maintenance.

What Is A Heat Pump?

Do you know how a refrigerator works? It transfers heat from the inside of the fridge to the outside in order to keep the inside cool. Well, the mechanism of a heat pump can be defined as the reverse of a refrigerator, heat is transferred from one place to another by a heat pump which makes the room warm.

A heat pump has two units; an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is responsible for spreading the warm air all over the room whereas, an outdoor unit is basically the heat pump.

A heat pump also has air filters that trap the contaminants such as dust and dirt and keep the air purified.

As indoor and outdoor units both play a significant role, it is highly important to keep these units well maintained and cleaned for quality performance.

How To Maintain Your Heat Pump?

As winters are about to arrive, you should check you’re your heating systems that are a heat pump repair or maintenance is required or not. Moreover, once you start using the heat pump make sure you follow these heat pump troubleshooting tips on a regular basis for its optimum efficiency and better performance.

Keep the System Clean From Any Excess Buildup

How can you expect something to keep on working excellently without getting any care? Talking about heat pumps, they start losing their efficiency if you don’t keep a regular check on them. Heat pumps are likely to get an excess buildup of snow or leaves on them in colder days. However, if you don’t clean the excess buildup on your heat pumps regularly, you can end up getting costly repairs done. So, read the precautionary measures before cleaning the excess buildup from the heat pump and clean it properly.  But, if you lack expert handling then call over the pros for expert handling and proper cleaning. Keeping your system free from excess buildup of snow and leaves helps in improving its performance and increasing its lifespan.

Pro Tip: Make a shade or cover the heat pump in a way that no debris or snow can build up on it and interfere with its efficiency. In this way, the unit would also stay protected.

Read User Manual Carefully

Many people tend to neglect the user manual that comes along the appliance and then gets worried if any trouble arises. In the user manuals, the solution to any possible problem is already mentioned by the manufacturer and experts. So, instead of throwing that away, read it carefully and understand the maintenance tips mentioned in it.

Keep the Air Filters Cleaned

Air filters in a heat pump are the barriers against dust and dirt that can pollute the inner environment of your house. It is pretty essential to clean the filters after every 30 days and if the filters are in a condition beyond cleaning, replace them with the new ones.

Clean the Fans and Coil

Not only the air filters require cleaning, the fans and coils are also an integral part of the heat pump that demands care. Check the fins for bents, and if there are any, straighten the bents. Moreover, clean and oil the fans for smoother functioning.

Appropriate Unit Placement Is a Must

Another way to maintain the quality of the performance of the heat pump, the appropriate placement of its units should be done. When the system is being installed, ensure that the outdoor unit isn’t having water dripping on it from anywhere because as the weather gets chillier, this dripping water can cause severe heat pump problems. Moreover, the heat pump should be placed around 4 inches above the ground so that the water can drain from below the unit.

Call the Pros

Lastly, if you don’t get enough time to pay attention to your heat pump then it is suggested to seek professional help form heat pump repair services regularly for enhanced performance of your heating system.

These very simple heat pump repair Arlington VA and maintenance tips can surely boost the performance of the system.

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