How Do I Get My Hair Back To Natural Color

How Do I Get My Hair Back To Natural Color

It doesn’t matter if you changed your hair color to mask those unique grays, went crazy with orange or pink, or just wanted to experiment with some new hair color and highlights, there comes a point when you want your natural hair color back.

Salon bills make you sick, and you also want to save time but for a healthy change there is always the possibility of starting fresh. But it is not necessary to let it all grow out, as your next strategy will depend on your present coloring and your future goals.

It’s always better to seek professional advice, but you can also make do with the guidelines mentioned below to fix your hair color. Let’s start!

Dare To Experiment With Ombre

Transitioning to your natural shade will be simpler if you had a few highlights to brighten up your hair. You will just need to grow out your highlights and embrace the ombre look until regular trimmings will even out the shade.

Another possible option is to replace the highlights with lowlights close to your hair color every 2 to 3 months until all the highlights have disappeared.

Let Your Hair Grow Out, And Then Tint Them

It is pretty different if you lighten your hair more than that. Highlighting them heavily or coloring them in a lighter shade, or changing the hair tone makes the task of going back to natural shade more daunting, but it is not entirely impossible. The initial step is to do nothing and allow your hair to grow out for at least 2 to 3 months. Then only your colorist will understand your natural hair color.

They will do a tint back to a shade as close as possible to your natural color. During this process of tinting back, a filler which is usually a semi-permanent color is applied to your permanent color, most likely an orange or copper shade, to replace the lost pigments in your hair. Some of the fillers are added directly to color formations. If the hair filing is done properly, it will ensure that your hair tone is even and will stop your hair from looking muddy or green.

Again, it is advised to see a hair salonist for your tinting back service. The cost to fix a mistake is far more than replacing your natural hair color.

Seek Professional Services

Depending on the intensity of bleach you used to lighten your hair, their porosity, and overall health, your colorist will decide how many sessions are required to achieve the right tone. It usually takes more than one appointment over 2 to 6 months. Follow their advice to care properly for your hair and ask the necessary precautions to achieve better results.

On the other hand, hair that has been darkened also needs to tint back but the process is different here. Again, you will need to seek professional help but allow your hair to grow out for 2 to 3 months before. In tint back for this process, your colorist will lighten your hair color by using a soap cap or color remover application to remove the darker color. After the darker color has been lifted from your hair to the desired level, a color or color toner is applied, in the shade that you desire.

But after tinting your hair back, don’t forget to care for it. Let it grow out, and treat them like colored hair. Just because they are your natural color doesn’t rule out the fact that they are chemically treated. On a usual scale, hair grows one-half inch per month. If this is your pace too, your hair will take years to be truly natural again.

Choose Grey

The process is different if you want to go natural but have colored your hair light or dark, just to cover the grey roots. Now you can’t blend artificial gray color with your natural gray locks. But if you cut hair short often, the grow out time will be shorter. You can try hair highlights such as balayage, babylights, ombre and sombre. You can also get help from a hair color correction specialist Rockville if DIY is not helping and you want to get this over with quickly. Good luck!

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