Can online business make money?

Can online business make money?

Internet is a great place for doing business as it has improved tremendously during the past few decades. No special knowledge or technical experience is needed for doing online business other than common knowledge and basic knowledge in computer matters. You need not have to design any websites or you need not do any programming.

Online businesses

By living in any place in any continent, you can do online business and become successful provided you are dedicated and ready to work hard. No business experience or marketing experience is needed in this case as the internet is the most democratic medium where entrepreneurs thrive tremendously. There is some e-commerce start up solutions which one can start and earn money without the need to spend any money at all. Some such business options are discussed below.

Drop shipping

The main idea behind this business is that being a small business owner, one need not maintain a big inventory of products or need not worry about the delivery of the products you are selling. Let’s see how it works. As a first step you publish your products in online platforms like eBay or Amazon. When some order is received you buy the product from a seller near you and hand over to the shipper. Your drop shipper sends the product direct to the customer and delivers it promptly. As there is no need to keep huge stock or employ any staff or do marketing campaigns the operating expenses will be very less. The draw backs of this business idea is that if your drop shipper is not reliable, one cannot be sure about the safe delivery of the product to the buyer. Further there are possibilities of the product getting damaged during transit.

Affiliate marketing

This is similar to drop shipping but with subtle differences too. In affiliate marketing you find out the products that are popular in internet and find out some sellers for these items who are ready to partner with you. You offer the product for sale through your blog or website. Whenever a prospective buyer clicks a product for buying it is automatically brought to the notice of your partner seller as well as you. Your partner sends the product through courier service and you get a normal commission of 5 % of the product value. This is s business with fewer risks and there is no need for any capital investment also. Marketing has to be done through blogs or emails or through other media.


If you are expert or have passion for a subject, get ready to start a blog and make money out of it. and similar sites allow one to start a blog entirely free of cost. If you can spend a little money you can create your own site and host them at a very low price.  Blogging is not all about writing. Written blog posts are only a beginning which you can extent to photos and videos. You can link you blog to other sites and repost news and articles already posted in other sites.  Anything that is engaging the audience will attract numerous crowds and your blog will become a success in due course of time.

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