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12 Helpful Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

12 Helpful Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

No one will wish to get dishwasher repair service soon after they buy the dishwasher. How to prevent this? For this purpose, below are some tips that will help you take better care of your dishwasher and do better maintenance.

Follow Manual Instruction

All the new appliances come with a user manual which contains necessary instructions and precautions. Manual usage is really necessary. But a lot of people forget this. If you read the manual and follow the important instructions, your dishwasher will work longer with great performance. You will not need appliance repair services.

Wash it Regularly

Usage of the dishwashers affects their life, performance and energy efficiency. If you continue to use them excessively without proper care, they will run out of order very soon. In order to avoid this issue, you should wash the dishwasher regularly with water. This will remove the build-ups and any food remnants.

Inspect and Clean Spinning Arms

Many people complain that their dishes are not cleaned properly with the dishwasher. Such people should know it is due to a problem with the spinning arms which spray out water on the dishes to clean them. When the spinning arms have holes or build-up, they will not clean the dishes. So you should inspect to clean them.

Clean the Exterior and Edges

The exterior and edges of the dishwasher are equally important. Users clean the interior but ignore exterior. This results in accumulation of debris, dirt and dust outside. It causes an unpleasant smell and makes it hard for the users to stay near the dishwasher. That is why always clean the exterior as well as edges.

Unclog and Remove Drain

The bottom of the dishwasher is the drain where everything can get gathered. Dishwasher repair services recommend to clean the drain, remove the clog and keep it working. If not cleaned, the clog will not let the dishwasher work properly.

Use Acid to Remove Build-up

Dishes come with food bits, oil, grease and such other stuff. These things cause build-ups inside the dishwasher. It can lead to smell as well as poor performance of the dishwasher. That is why you must use acid on a regular basis to clean it. This will remove any build-ups and keep the dishwasher fine.

Don’t Overstuff the Dishwasher

Dishwashers come with different options. Some have more space while others have lesser. However, people make a common mistake when they overcrowd the dishwasher. They also place items in wrong positions. This should be avoided. Never stuff the dishwasher and always arrange items in proper order.

Run Empty Dishwasher with Vinegar

Vinegar is commonly used when it comes to taking care of the dishwashers. What it does? The vinegar helps keep the dishwasher clean and removes clogs, food bits and other debris. Dishwasher should be empty and just drop a few drops of vinegar in the drain. Let it complete one cycle and it will keep the dishwasher refreshed.

Check Water Heater’s Temperature

Setting the water heater’s temperature is important. Most residential and commercial dishwashers come with a default setting at low temperature. This takes more time to clean the dishes. However, you should set it between 120 and 125 degrees. It will keep the dishwasher in better working condition.

Remove the Bits of Food

Lastly, the users should be careful about the food bits remained in the dishwasher. As it does various cycles in a day, the food bits will be common. Removing these bits is crucial if you want to keep the dishwasher working and retain its performance.

Use It Regularly

This tips feels weird but it’s good for your dishwasher if you use it regularly. Because with regularly use, there is less of chance of food and other stuff building up in there – which in turn means less cleaning time. Consider it like the dishwasher is cleaning 50% of itself when you use it to clean dishes regularly.

Use Hot Water for Cleaner Dishes

Let’s do it again. It’s common knowledge that hot water is better for cleaning dishes, so using water that’s at 120F or 50C will do. 

Those were the tips you need to maintain your dishwasher. If an issue arise that’s not going away, you should contact an appliance repair Fairfax service.

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