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How To Protect Your House From Sewer Water Damage

How To Protect Your House From Sewer Water Damage

There are some really good sewer cleaning companies to help you protect your house from any kind of sewer water damage. Let’s have a look at few quick tips which might help you to prevent such damages,

Get an Inspection Done

It is a good idea to get an inspection done from plumbers or relevant professionals available to get to know if there is any such problem initiating. If you get aware of the issue timely then you might help yourself to prevent any damage in near future. A professional will also help you to take some effective precautions to avoid any damage further as well.

Disposing Off Grease

Generally what people is doing that they drain off the leftover cooking oil in the drain which result in damaging of pipes once the oil is cooled off. Even if you run tap water afterwards or pour warm water to drain off the oil will not work properly due to the grease properties of getting stick to the walls of the pipes. Drain Cleaning companies get a lot of complains for the same reason and hence always advise to use a heat resistant container to dispose of oils.

Regularly Clean the Drains

You should make it your regular practice to clean the drains while you clean off your drain from clogging on monthly basis. Like, you can flush out a cup of baking soda followed by some warm water with white vinegar added in it. It is an easy and very common hack to keep your drain free from any clogging.

Keep an Eye on Plants and Tree Roots

Okay this is another very common problem which is normally faced in households very frequently. It is funny but a fact that the tree roots are always seeking a sewer pipe as a part of their nutrition and this is what many sewer cleaning companies also agrees on. The solution is very simple that you just need to keep an eye on the tree roots and cut them periodically to prevent any sewage issue. Or if you are planting a new tree then try to keep it away from the underground route of sewer pipes.

Use Sump Pumps

If you have a basement area in your house, then sump pumps will become your best friends to keep you safe from any sewage issue. Sump pumps are a perfect tool to detect the water level around your house and immediately acts in case of any up and down occurrence in the level. Drain cleaning companies highly recommends to install a sump pump at your house if you have a basement area which are very effective to prevent basement flooding.

Keep Checking your Seals on Windows and Doors

It is very likely that sewer water damage is sourced from outside instead of the pipes of your own house. So, it is better to keep on checking the seals on windows and doors of your house so the chances of outside sewer water damage coming into your house gets minimum. It is always better to check in advance than just getting worried at the last moment.

Installing Backwater Valves

Well backwater valves are another life saver which sewer cleaning companies always installs at your house as a mandatory part. It is because they are very available at very cheap rates while very efficient in controlling sewer water damage. They work very simply by just allowing the water to flow in desired direction while immediately blocks the flow if it is in opposite direction.

Stop Throwing Papers or Plastics Products in the Drain

Throwing away plastic products in a drain is a big no no as it will surely cause a huge sewer water damage but many people dispose of other stuff as well which can be really problematic. For instance; paper towels or wipes, baby diapers or even feminine products are being thrown in the drain which cannot be easily deteriorated and damage the sewer pipes of surrounding areas as well. It is a big complain that many drain cleaning companies westchester ny always make to aware people of not doing so for the sake of preventing sewage water damages.

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