How to become a military lawyer?

How to become a military lawyer?

People working in military can apply for divorce only through military divorce attorney as it is a very complicated legal procedure.  Even though, all the legal procedure for military divorce is same as that for civil divorce, there are some intricacies also in this matter. As civilian lawyers are usually not knowledgeable about the military requirements in the case of divorce petitions, it will not be possible for them to handle such cases.

Same law for civil/ military divorce

The system for divorce of military men and civil men is same and there is no separate court of judge for military divorce. According to the existing laws serving of notices in divorce cases has to be made in person within a certain period of time and this time is different in the case of a military divorce. There are certain provisions in divorce laws that protect the US military personal if there is formidable delay in the procedures.  This provides special provisions for the delay caused in serving notices on the parties because of the nature of duty in the military service.

Laws applicable to divorce

To become a lawyer capable of handling military divorce cases one a lawyer must know all the state laws applicable to divorce. Regarding matters like custody of minor children, military benefits, alimony, retirement, pension etc the federal laws will have validity over state laws in the case of divorce. So any lawyer who wants to deal with military divorce should be knowledgeable in the relevant provisions of federal law also. In some cases portions of hearing need not be heard by federal judges. Similarly if a party is stationed overseas, then there could be additional problems.

Military lawyers need not be employed in any military establishments.     To become a military lawyer the basic requirement is a degree in law from an accredited school. He should also pass the examination conducted by the bar association. Experience working has a divorce attorney in a law firm is another requirement. Understanding of all issued connected to military divorce is another requirement for becoming a military lawyer.

How to become a divorce lawyer?

To get admission to law school one needs to pass the admission tests. With this pass one can get admission in law school and if he secures high grade points he can write the examination of the law degree conducted by the university and after passing the exam one will become a law graduate. Law graduates can become alimony attorneys fairfax if they study the relevant provisions relating to alimony in the case of allowed divorces.

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