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Getting rid of drain clogs using natural homemade solutions

Getting rid of drain clogs using natural homemade solutions

Indeed, nothing is more annoying than a clogged drain at home. After all, clogged drains also tend to be very smelly. At times, it may not be convenient for you to call drain cleaning companies, especially if you live in the outskirts of a city. Moreover, chemical drain cleaning solutions are not always suitable for your drain pipes. This is because they can eat them away slowly, resulting in internal damage that may cost you a lot.

However, we have good news for you! There are a number of working recipes that you can use in order to make a safe drain cleaner at home. Quite fortunately, these homemade drain cleaners are cost-effective and can be made using products that are easily found at home.

In this article, we present a number of recipes to make your drain cleaning solution easily. However, before we move on to the recipes, let us first take a look at the benefits of using green solutions for drain cleaning.

What are the benefits of using green solutions?

Green solutions are made of natural products and are hence safer to use as compared to chemical-based cleaners. This is primarily because chemical-based drain cleaners often include toxic substance such as sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide in them. These chemicals are quite harsh and can quickly eat up your pipes over some time.

In comparison, natural drain cleaners neither have a detrimental effect on the environment nor your drain pipes!

The best recipes to make natural drain cleaning solutions

Our top natural recipes include the following:

Vinegar and baking soda solution

A vinegar and baking soda solution is the classic cleaner that can clean almost everything. Both of these substances are easily available at homes and are also safe to use. Just mix half cup of baking with a quarter cup of table salt, and pour the solution in your drain. After that, pour one cup of warm vinegar in the drain. As you do this, you may see some foam and bubbles form. However, cover the drain with duct tape or a drain plug and do not let the mixture escape.

After letting it sit for 15 minutes, let hot tap water flow in the drain for about 60 seconds.

In case the clog is stubborn, simply repeat this process a number of times.

Cream of tartar

In case your bathroom drain clog is due to soap and hair scum, just mix two tablespoons of cream of tartar with 2 cups baking soda, and half cup salt. Mix this solution by shaking it inside a jar. Next up, pour some boiling water inside the drain and add the mix. Let it all sit inside for about an hour before turning the tap on.

Hot water and a simple detergent

Substances such as coconut oil can make a drain slow by building up in the pipe. In order to get rid of such drain pipe clogs, simply add two spoons of a regular detergent that you use for dishwashing in a cup of boiling water. Then, pour down this hot solution in your drain. Within a few minutes, the oil buildup will clear away.

Alternatively, you can also add warm vinegar after that in case you suspect that the clog is much stubborn.

Ending note

While toxic chemical-based drain cleaners do also work, they are way too harsh for drain pipes. Hence, natural and green solutions are much cheaper and useful in the long-run. In case nothing works, you may need a manual cleaning by the help of drain cleaning services Bergen.

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