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All about wooden kitchen countertops

All about wooden kitchen countertops

Are you looking for a decent wooden countertop to complete your new kitchen? If you are then, you will be pleased to know that you have made a wonderful choice. Wooden countertops are very trendy, and they also add a lot of warmth in your house. In fact, many people prefer them over marble countertops because they are not costly and still look great.

However, with everything there is always a catch. The downside of wooden kitchen countertops is that they require constant maintenance and a lot of care. In case you work with a lot of oils, then we are afraid to tell you that you countertop can end up taking a lot of stains.

The prime reason for this is that wood has a porous structure. Due to their porosity, liquids such as oil readily seep in. Once they do, there is no way to get them out and that results in a permanent strain.

All you should know about wooden countertops

Let us take a quick look at what wooden countertops are and whether they are even worth it. By the end of this article, you will know whether they are suitable or not.

What are wooden countertops?

As the name itself implies, wooden countertops are made from slabs of wood. These slabs naturally come with protection against bacteria and other germs. In comparison to other materials such as marble, granite, and quartz, wooden countertops are not easy to damage.

However, this also depends on your usage because they are prone to chipping. Though, overall, wood is a very flexible material and it is possible to install the wooden countertop anywhere in your house.

Furthermore, wooden countertops are extremely affordable. Of course, this depends on the construction, thickness, and size. However, you can expect to pay around $400 for a wooden countertop. If you compare this with other materials, they are very convenient.

However, the main thing is the installation. This price can go up to $5000. In case you are willing to take it as a DIY project, then you may be able to save all these costs up.

Safety considerations

The most difficult thing about wooden countertop installation is the drilling and sawing. Hence, it is always advised that you use a sharper blade for such projects. However, you mut also wear gloves and other safety equipment along with that.

While cutting the wood, make sure that you are making the cuts very slowly otherwise it could cause damage to your fingers.

At the same time, try not to speed up the countertop cutting process or else it may result in a hang up. In worst cases, you may even get a kick back. So, we always suggest you use goggles and earplugs also and do not wear thick gloves.

Such precautions will help you in staying safe when you are dealing with countertops. Just remember to always take these precautions for your own safety and of those around you.


Wooden countertops are a wonderful addition. A big number of people prefer them over traditional granite countertops Northern VA. The main reason for this is cost and convenience. And with that, wooden countertops come in a range of different designs and shades. Though, maintenance is a real concern with wooden countertops. They will often require sealing or polishing. Furthermore, if you let these countertops sit without polishing for a long time, they will start to lose their shine and appearance. Ultimately, the entire aesthetic appeal will be lost (something for which you bought the countertop in the first place). So, be mindful of all these things.

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