How to Care for Hair Extensions

It is a known fact that hair extensions are expensive and if for some reason they become cheap, there is an explanation for that, like poor quality. For a lot of girls who decide to get hair extensions, they know that making it last is necessary especially that they spent a lot for it.

The importance of caring for hair extensions is so great that it must be done correctly. Paying a little attention to care for it every day and changing some of your habits can make it last a long time. The hair extensions salon is always there to do it for you but taking care of it after getting them is up to you. Read the tips below to find out what you can do.

Caring for your hair extensions

Their lifespan of hair extensions

With proper care, hair extensions are going to still be good after a year or sometimes longer, depending on the frequency of when you wear them. Washing and styling your hair extensions more often can give them a shorter lifespan, so keep using and washing your hair extensions only to a minimum. What you need to remember is that natural hydration source is not available to hair extensions unlike real hair. This is why you should keep them moisturized and lessen the dryness.

Brushing hair extensions

Knowing how to properly brush hair extensions is important. By using a brush with soft bristles, looper brush or a nylon extension brush can help detangle them without causing damage. Extensions is like natural hair in terms of brushing and detangling them. You should start from the bottom of your hair and work your way to the top. Hold the section using your one hand and the other one is for detangling it so that no stress is placed on your hair. You should know how to be gentle with hair extensions because pulling can lead to breakage.

While sleeping or swimming, pull your hair back

The purpose of this is to lessen tangling, but it does not mean you have to tie it in a bun or ponytail. You can braid it loosely or just hold it together in a gentle manner. A silk pillowcase is also good for lessening friction to hair while you are sleeping. In addition, you should never sleep with your hair wet because it can cause your hair extensions to have matting and even your own hair.

Washing your hair extensions

You must use a good shampoo and conditioner; and salon brands are good. The hair products that can be bought in the supermarket are not good enough. Thoroughly brush your hair before wetting and washing it. The shower pressure must not be on full force on your hair. Thoroughly wet your hair and shampooing should be downwards. In short, piling your hair on top and moshing it all around is wrong. Start massaging your scalp between bonds using your fingers and smoothen it. Rinse out the shampoo properly because if there is any residue left, it could cause itchiness or decay if it builds up. After that, add conditioner between your hair lengths.

Using hot tools

It is perfectly alright to use heated and other hot tools on your hair extension as long as the heat is not concentrated to the hair roots where the bond is. You should remember that they were in heat and an excess of it can make them sticky or slippery. Also make sure that the temperature of the tool is not excessively hot so your hair extensions do not get damaged.


Even the finest kind of hair extensions require maintenance regularly just like your natural hair. Schedule a trim with the salon every 5 to 6 weeks, and this is also going to give you a chance to see how they maintain hair extensions. It is a good way to refresh you of how to care for your hair extensions, especially if you have had then for a while.

The hair extensions salon rockville do not charge minimal for this type of service that is why you need to know how to properly care for them on your own so that your money is not wasted.

Difference Between Ducted And Ductless AC

When it comes to choosing air conditioners for your homes, you will need to visit an AC repair company. The AC company will help you in choosing between a ductless AC or a ducted AC for your home. You can either choose one according to the construction and structure of your home and your own preferences. Listed below is a comparison between the 2 types of AC.

Ducted AC

Ducted air conditioners are central units for air conditioning your homes. Metal sheets or furnaces which have small vents and are window-like structures are placed on the walls or ceilings of each room. Ducted air conditioners are used for both cooling and heating the homes. The central air conditioning unit sends cool air directly through each duct or vent to each room.

Ductless AC

Ductless air conditioners which are also known as ductless mini splits give cool air directly to different rooms of your home. They do not have ducts attached in each room and the central air conditioning unit sends refrigerant directly to different small furnaces or handlers in each room. They look like small boxes which are attached to each room.


  1. The major difference between the two types of air conditioning systems is that the ducted air conditioners provide uniform cool air in every room while you can change temperature according to your own preferences in ductless air conditioning system. This is really helpful if you have kids or elderly in the house.
  2. Both types of air conditioners will require the services of an AC repair company when damaged or not working properly. As they both are mainly centralized units the whole air conditioner unit will stop working. The AC repair company will then have to rectify the main air conditioning unit.
  3. If you consider aesthetics then ducted air conditioners are a much better option as they look good in homes.
  4. You will need to install a duct in the whole house before getting a ducted air conditioning system. This will require renovation and construction of the whole house to get the ducts fitted in. The fitting and installation process is also expensive. It is advisable to get a ducted air conditioning system if ducts pre-installed in your home. Whereas in a ductless there is no need to get the ducts installed but you can always get a ductless air conditioning system.
  5. Ducted air conditioners control humidity much better than a ductless air conditioning system. The air handlers do not remove humidity efficiently in a ductless system.
  6. The disadvantage of ducted air conditioning is that a lot of dust and dirt is gathered in the vents or ducts which makes cooling difficult. There is no duct collected in ductless air conditioners which gives off a more cleaner air.
  7. You will have reduced maintenance costs in ducted air conditioners whereas there are more maintenance costs in ductless air conditioners.
  8. When you want to replace or repair your ducted AC, then you will have to remove the whole air conditioning system whereas, for ductless AC replacement, you will just have to remove one furnace for the repair. You will not have to go for complete ductless AC replacement like a ducted system. That is why more people prefer ductless air conditioners as it does not require full ductless AC replacement long island.
  9. For offices and bigger areas such as malls and commercial buildings ducted air conditioning works much better while as for small places and homes ductless air conditioners are a better option.

Tips to Beat Spring Allergies

In some parts of the US, spring allergies may start as early as the month of February until summer. Majority of people with allergies experience year-round symptoms. If you want to get relief from these allergies, here are some of the best strategies to beat it:

Limit Spending Time Outdoors to avoid allergies

Every spring, trees may release billions of pollen grains to the air. Once you breathe them into your lungs and nose, they could trigger allergic reactions. Staying inside may help, particularly during windy days and early morning when the pollen counts are at its peak. If you head outdoors, wear sunglasses or glasses to keep the pollen out of your eyes. Filter masks may also help if mow the lawn. Other kinds are available so you have to ask your allergist to recommend one that would work great for you.

Start taking medication long before you are sneezing non-stop and your eyes get watery at least a week before the season starts. This way, the medicine is already in your system when the time you require it.

Take Some Allergy Medicines

It could help kids and adults with a runny nose and sniffles. Antihistamines block the response of the body to allergies, typically work in less than one hour. However, read the package carefully. Several older drugs including clemastne, chlorpheniramine, and diphenhydramine could make you drowsy. For more serious allergies, experts suggest a nasal spray. Yet, never expect that symptoms will vanish right away. They could take some days to work. Since they might have some side effects such as nosebleeds, dryness or burning, use the lowest dosage that helps you control the symptoms. Your allergy doctor might recommend allergy shots if some medicines cannot relieve your symptoms. They contain a small amount of pollen and would help your body build up the resistance to it. You will also likely have to get a shot every month for three to five years.

Consider Natural Relief

Several herbal remedies might help stave off your allergy symptoms. Although more research is required, a butterbur extract shows promise. A Chinese herbal formula called biminne with ingredients such as Chinese skullcap and gingko biloba might also help. A study found that those who took biminne 5 times daily for twelve weeks felt the perks a year later. However, it is also wise to know that there are some people who might experience allergic reaction from butterbur. So, always consult your allergy doctor Manassas VA first before considering it.

How to become a military lawyer?

People working in military can apply for divorce only through military divorce attorney as it is a very complicated legal procedure.  Even though, all the legal procedure for military divorce is same as that for civil divorce, there are some intricacies also in this matter. As civilian lawyers are usually not knowledgeable about the military requirements in the case of divorce petitions, it will not be possible for them to handle such cases.

Same law for civil/ military divorce

The system for divorce of military men and civil men is same and there is no separate court of judge for military divorce. According to the existing laws serving of notices in divorce cases has to be made in person within a certain period of time and this time is different in the case of a military divorce. There are certain provisions in divorce laws that protect the US military personal if there is formidable delay in the procedures.  This provides special provisions for the delay caused in serving notices on the parties because of the nature of duty in the military service.

Laws applicable to divorce

To become a lawyer capable of handling military divorce cases one a lawyer must know all the state laws applicable to divorce. Regarding matters like custody of minor children, military benefits, alimony, retirement, pension etc the federal laws will have validity over state laws in the case of divorce. So any lawyer who wants to deal with military divorce should be knowledgeable in the relevant provisions of federal law also. In some cases portions of hearing need not be heard by federal judges. Similarly if a party is stationed overseas, then there could be additional problems.

Military lawyers need not be employed in any military establishments.     To become a military lawyer the basic requirement is a degree in law from an accredited school. He should also pass the examination conducted by the bar association. Experience working has a divorce attorney in a law firm is another requirement. Understanding of all issued connected to military divorce is another requirement for becoming a military lawyer.

How to become a divorce lawyer?

To get admission to law school one needs to pass the admission tests. With this pass one can get admission in law school and if he secures high grade points he can write the examination of the law degree conducted by the university and after passing the exam one will become a law graduate. Law graduates can become alimony attorneys fairfax if they study the relevant provisions relating to alimony in the case of allowed divorces.

Most Common Commercial Dishwasher Problems You Should Know About

The purpose of dishwashers is quite self-explanatory, and is an absolute blessing for house owners who are in charge of washing the dishes till the time commercial dishwasher repairs come into play.

Commercial dishwasher repair companies

When dishwashers stop working optimally, the problems which are outlined below are usually the cause, and this article will identify them abundantly for you to be able to diagnose them yourself to some extent before you call in commercial appliance services.

Dishwasher Not Starting

Usually you have an electronic control you can change depending on your needs, and the press of a button or the turn of a knob is sufficient for the washer to start. However, if one fine day it refuses to work with those steps, here is what you can try before you call up commercial dishwasher repairs:

  • Check if something is stopping the door from closing, or if the latch of the door is functioning properly or not.
  • Check for the power supply and see if it is sufficient/intact, and check if there are any burn marks on the wire.
  • Check if the other electronic functions are working properly.

Dishwasher Making Too Much Noise

If your dishwasher suddenly starts making a lot of noise then one thing is for certain; you will have to get your unit checked by one of the commercial appliance services operating in your area, because it is not worth the risk to open up a complex machine without expertise. On the bright side, these repairs are not very expensive to be performed. Usually what causes dishwashers to be noisy is:

  • The rotating motor getting rusted or dislocated.
  • The brushes getting worn out due to consistent usage.

Leakage Right After Filling

If you can clearly observe your dishwasher spilling water as soon as you start filling it, and you are sure that the door hatch is sealed shut from the top, you have a considerable problem to think about. Commercial dishwasher repairs are experts in managing such problems on grand scales, so you should not be worried about the problem being permanent. The common reasons of leakage are:

  • The inlet being blocked due to lack of maintenance, causing the washer to gush out from potentially weaker areas in the pipe.
  • The seal of the door loosening with time.

Unclean Dishes After Wash

The least you expect out of your dishwasher is for the dishes to come out all sparkly and bright after the wash. When that does not happen however, there is a definite problem with your dishwasher’s internal component(s) which you should get checked by commercial appliance services fairfax so that you do not end up wasting more water and energy than you should spend on the project. This problem is usually caused by:

  • The filters and the tubes inside of the enclosed system becoming blocked or dysfunctional.
  • The detergent not blending in with the water causing the dishes to remain unclean even after a long wash.

Can hair transplant scars be removed?

A scar on the back side of your head is the usual accompaniment of a hair restoration procedure. Some people find it acceptable as they already have re-gained natural looking hair on their bald head.  But there are some others who consider this as unbearable and therefore always show a disgusted look.  Now let us take a look at the procedures and steps followed by experts to avoid or clear this unwelcome situation.

All you need to know about hair transplantation

Scar appears in the cases where donor hair is removed by making a linear incision on the scalp where there is sufficient hair.  This incision can be long and may extend from ear to ear.  For people with short hair style this can be problematic as it makes the scar visible. Further as no hair grows in this area the situation worsens.

By allowing hair to grow a few more inches more in the adjacent areas,  this problem can be handled and the scar can be concealed. Since there are some people who are not happy with long hair styles, doctors have developed alternative methods.

One thing to be noted is that no hair transplant and repair methods can guarantee 100 % removal of the scars.  Removing the scar can still create scars in another area as the process includes incision. However the new one will be less visible as it will be of lesser width. For people with scars less than a width of four inches after hair restoration are likely to have better results. But if the candidate is not careful and show some kind of laxity, the scar may get widened.

Hair transplantation surgery

Another technique used for removing the scar is the use of tricophytic closure technique.  This technique allows hair to grow over the area where the scar is seen.  Transplanting hair to the scarred region is another viable option. For preventing additional scarring the hair for transplant purpose to cover the scars is obtained by follicular unit extraction method. For this purpose a special instrument which creates circular incisions in the area and removes hair in follicular units is used.  Multiple sessions are usually required to completely cover the area. This is a permanent solution as well as a cost effective solution.

The best thing one can do for avoiding scars after hair transplant chevy chase is to get the hair transplantation completed following follicular extraction method. Though it may be little more costly, this method prevents scarring. The tiny scars produced in this method will not be visible for naked eyes.

How to lose weight in college?

Ah, it is college reopening time. All students including myself are rushing back to college not only to meet friends and enjoy life, but also to  get educated and to get a good job and live happier. This is the time when girls seek for rapid weight loss diets.

Weight loss tips for college girls

College is often a place where one gets many friends, gets first hand experiences  on many things and knows for the first time many wonderful feelings and emotions in the life. But, unfortunately, it is the place from where many youngsters tend to increase their weight and become obese persons in spite of clinging to rapid weight loss diets.

So, in this article, I am going to give you some tips to lose weight fast which I think will help you to keep your body weight stationary and in some cases will also help you to reduce the excess weight within a short period and return to normalcy. But I want to tell you in advance that the tips I am going to give you in this article res contrary to the so called health tips suggested by medical practitioners or obesity experts.

You might be surprised as you have heard several times your mom insisting you to have breakfast from the day you came out of her womb. But I am of the opinion that mom’s statement is not supported by any scientific evidence. Most students think that following rapid weight loss diets is essential for the proper working of the brain and other physical organs.

College life is full of headaches and hectic activities. Worrying about breakfast can only increase the stress on the student.  My advice is not to waste time for breakfast and create additional problems. In many colleges the breakfast sucks anyways. In my opinion a student can skip his lunch also thus enabling him to spend much time in the activity he or she is involved without breaking it in the middle for eating purpose. If these two important meals of a day are skipped one can enjoy a massive dinner at night. Take care to watch the calories at the end of the day.

Rapid weight loss diets

Skipping breakfast and lunch included in the tips to lose weight fast is not a difficult problem for the students. The real problem lies in convincing oneself that it is not a problem at all to skip breakfast and lunch if they add you benefits.  You have spent about 18-20 years eating breakfast and lunch properly and where have you reached now.

It has taken two years in my case to understand that breakfast and lunch are bullshits and turn to tips to lose weight programs.    If you   are not convinced check some similar sites in which the experience stories of other people have been posted. There are some best seller books on fasting.      There are some other top selling books which clearly debunk the pretty myths of breakfast, meal frequency and lunch.

Important steps to improve your heart health

Many people these days have knowledge about the importance of the health of the heart for happy living. It is well known that every person has to give special care to keep their heart young and make its ticks energetic and lively. How to achieve this will be the million dollar question of the day. So in this article, I am going to explain the most basic and important aspects that a person has to keep in mind and practice to keep his heart young and filled with energy.

Manage stress

Ativities like over eating, smoking, drinking alcohol etc can lead to considerable stress. Adrenaline released from stress increases your heart rate as well as blood pressure.  The stress can also have impact on the immune system of your body and damage artery walls of your blood circulating system. Taking exercises for a minimum time of 30 minutes or walking the distance from your office to your house etc can do many benefits to your overall health and improve the condition of your heart.

Food and mood

Everyday start your life by eating a balanced breakfast that contains fiber, whole grains, lean proteins, good fats etc.  Whole grain bread, oatmeal, millet, barley, etc are good choices for breakfast. Medical research has shown that eating good breakfast daily will improve the mood as well as memory.  It will also give peace of mind and more energy throughout the day. If you have any extra weight it can be trimmed by cutting down the excess calories you eat.  Simple activities like reducing the daily share of ice cream to one or two per week and doing a general walking of 15 minutes a day will give you promising results. Start activities needed to make your heart younger so that you can live for a long time without major health problems or mental stresses.

Lean protein: Protein no doubt is an essential part of our daily diet. Meats that are high in fat content are not advisable for healthy heart. Lean meat is the ideal food for healthy heart because of its low calorie content. Lean chicken, grass fed beef, seafood, low sugar dairy products etc are very suitable for the health of your heart.

If you have any heart related problems, include the above mentioned foods in your daily diet. There is no meaning in meeting a registered dietician and spending much time in listening to his never ending advices. Often such people come out bare handed without understanding or not able to practice what you have listened to.

9 Things To Look For When Viewing A House (For Buying)

Do you want to build a perfect home for yourself? Take help of a best real estate agent to do so.

Know about real estate deals

But if you want to look around, check out a few things before you decide on buying the house of your dreams!

House Should Not Be Damp or Smelly

Can you smell the mold? Is the house damp? There should be no water on ceilings or from the walls in a good house. It will give rise to mold which not only is very damaging to health but also to your house.

Is the House Sturdy Enough?

Any of the local realtors or a house buying agent can guide you about the history of the building you are interested in. Check any cracks in walls, ceiling or windows to check the structure. The older the house, the weaker its structure, so make sure to choose a house that is sturdy enough and will not be destroyed easily.

Check the Storage Space in A House

In any house, we need a good enough storage space. You can hide away all the extra grocery, appliances or even your luggage. If there is scarce space, then that can make your house look little as well and always overloaded.

Check the Facing of House

With a compass, check if the house faces the south or north. It will make a great deal during summers since a particular facing will allow more sunlight to enter the house and prevent making it look so dull and grey. Always discuss with any of your local realtors before you want to buy the house.

Sizes of All Rooms Should Be Appropriate Enough

Some houses are built with way too big rooms, while some have very small and congested rooms. Make sure to buy a house with rooms fit enough for all your needs, your furniture and proper design. Do not look for too big of rooms if you do not have a lot of furniture or people living in.

Check Window Frames Properly

Windows can tell a lot about the state of the house. If rotten, means it is quite old. Similarly, condensation in a double-glazed window also shows its flow. Windows should be properly certified.

Condition of Roof

Condition of roof is very important since it is one of the main parts of a house. Replacing it can be very difficult and expensive. Also check the material of roof to make sure it doesn’t leak.

Plumbing of The House

Do all pipes work properly? Look out for any clogging in the drainage system. Does the radiator work decently to warm up the water? Is there any rusting in the pipeline?

Your Neighborhood

See the surrounding of your future house properly. Is it too noisy or too quiet? Is there any commercial area near, a hospital or a school? Always ask your local house buying agent dc about all of these concerns.

Pro Drain Cleaning Tips

Drain cleaning is often quite difficult because we do not tackle it the right way. It is important to understand that a number of different issues can result in the sink line clogging, which is why you need to be aware of the multiple steps you can take to solve it which are highlighted as follows.

Drain clogging solutions

Steel Hanger

Take a steel wire (fishing wire being the best) and start your own drain cleaning service project by simply bending it into the shape of a hook, making it long enough, and gently inserting it inside your sink pipe. The moment you feel that the hook has hit something solid, try to scoop it out gently with the hook.

The reason that you want to be gentle with this is that you do not want to push the dirt back in deeper while cleaning. To ensure best results try to make the hook as crooked as you can without making it difficult for it to cling on to things, and you shall see that the expert cleaning comes running to life!

Pouring Hot Water

Boiling water and starting drain cleaning are quite easy to understanding because the pressure in the boiling water can help the small clogged particles expand a bit and drain down faster. This is a very simple method and does work most of the times because we do not pour in heavy solidified items into the pipe in the first place.

The water has to be boiling and needs to be poured in slowly otherwise it can result in the clog becoming even more of a headache. If one saucepan of boiling hot water does not work, do not go for another one and try the other ways mentioned.


Drain cleaning services often use caustic soda as their very first step to cleaning a jammed one because the way it can react with particles and reduce them in size (forcing them down the drain) can be a major help. If you decide to save the soda yourself you will be saving yourself some expense, but if you aren’t careful then you’ll have a medical bill up your sleeve.

The reactivity of the caustic soda with the skin is quite high, so make sure you use it with eye and hand protection so that things go according to plan.


Instead of pushing it all down using baking soda and vinegar, the overly popularized way, try pulling it all up with a handy dandy vacuum cleaner. Attach a rubber sheath on the sides of the vacuum hose to avoid the moisture of the dirt damaging the pipe anyhow.

It is advisable to use a new bag specifically for the purpose and dispose of it as soon as you can. It is very effective, but only if the clogging material is well within reach of your drain cleaning service ny mission.